52 Week Savings Challenge: Update

I’m baaaaaack! At least I hope I am! After three months of my new side hustle, I am very happy with my decision to return to paid employment. You’ll notice that I didn’t say “return to work”. Any mother knows that MOMS WORK, they just don’t get paid for the work they do at home. At this stage of life, with one university student and one high school student who will be dual enrolled in university full time in the fall, returning to paid employment just made sense for me. My job takes about 30 hours a week, not quite “full time”, but enough time to make a difference!

I'm still building up a stash of cash during the 52 Week Savings Challenge! | A Chat Over Coffee

My return to paid employment, coupled with my son moving out of the university dorm with plans to commute to school next year, means that we’ve been adjusting to a new version of normal around our place. It has been a little crazy but it is wonderful! I love having my son back home! I love having our entire family together to enjoy suppers on the deck. I even love the increased noise in the house as big brother and little sister joke and tease. Life is good, folks!

Despite the many adjustments, a few things have remained the same. I am still the home manager and primary cook. I still see my adult and nearly-adult offspring as “the kids” and refer to them as such. (And they still humor me when I do.) We still have meals together at least once a day, enjoy family outings together, and share the chores even though we all have separate jobs and summer plans.

And despite all of the goings-on, I am not only on track but a bit ahead of schedule with my 52 Week Savings Challenge! Whoo-hoo! If you are looking at the 52 week schedule, we are in week 23, almost half way through.

If you haven’t started a 52 Week Savings Challenge, why not start now and work a 26 Week Savings Challenge? If you begin this week and stash a little cash each week, you could save up a tidy Christmas fund by the end of November. Shopping with cash is more fun because you don’t have to dread the credit card bills! Here is a chart that you are welcome to download and use to track your progress!

26 Week Savings Challenge for 2017 by A Chat Over Coffee

Start saving now and you could have almost $700 by December 1, 2017!

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