Something to Smile About: New Project

As I mentioned on my Facebook page, I’ve been working on a new project this month. It’s been fun and I’m excited about it, but for some reason I’m just not ready to talk about it quite yet. Even so, it has me smiling! Here are a few other things I’m smiling about this week…

Mission Trip

Our church is planning a short term mission trip and my husband, my daughter, and I are hoping to go as part of the team. We are so excited! The last time we took a short term mission trip together was in 2009 (yes, my daughter was very young), so we are beyond thrilled about this opportunity.

2009 mission trip photo for A Chat Over Coffee

I’m helping with fundraising and have contacted several businesses about partnering with us. We’re also planning some fun activities at the church facility. It appears that good times are in the works even before the trip itself!

52 Week Savings Challenge

After working for so many years to build up our financial position, I have been surprised how much I’m “getting in to” the 52 Week Savings Challenge. I’m like a little kid every time I get to drop some spare change in my jar. It’s kind of exciting now that there is a reasonable sum of money in there. I’ll probably have to take it to the bank soon so I don’t spend it, but I’ll miss being able to count it out each time I add a bit to the jar. Is that silly? Probably, but it brings a smile to my face…so why not?!?


I am still working to catch up on my 90-Day Bible reading plan and I’m so close! I’ll let you know if I make it or not.

In the Kitchen

Brownies are becoming a staple around here. My son had to be in town late one night and early the next morning for his job, so he ended up sleeping here at the house rather than driving back to campus. Naturally Mom made his favorite burritos for supper and added some brownies to keep Dad happy. Little Sister likes both, so she wasn’t complaining.

Homemade brownies from scratch at A Chat Over Coffee

I made Cheesy Chicken Panini earlier this week and I think the recipe needs to be shared! Look for it here on the blog next week. And can we just mention how happy I am that I finally straightened up the pantry? I filled a few supply gaps that my reorganization uncovered and have a couple other items that I’m hoping will go on sale soon. Cooking at home is so satisfying!

What are you smiling about this week?

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4 responses to “Something to Smile About: New Project

  1. You are building up the suspense about your secret project. Ready to share soon?

    Well we are very happy because of the arrival of latest grandchild, Anna Joy, born last week to my oldest son and his wife. Everything went just fine, mother and baby delivered safely and healthy.


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