Something to Smile About: Busy, busy!

Yes, I’ve been busy, busy with new projects and opportunities, so I’m smiling about all of the neat things I’m getting to do. I hope you’re smiling with me today!

52 Week Savings Challenge

First, please let me thank all of you for your kind words about my daughter’s article for the 52 Week Challenge series. I noticed a few errors when she sent it to me but didn’t want to be charged by skeptics with changing her article, so I said nothing to her at the time. After seeing her post on the blog, my daughter came to me, unprompted, and said she found mistakes. I assured her that they were relatively minor and that her message was more important, so thank you, thank you, thank you for supporting her in that. If we decide to make updates I’ll be sure to indicate as much on the article.

Making progress on the 52 Week Savings Challenge at A Chat Over Coffee

As you can see from the picture, I’m still working on filling my own 52 Week Savings Challenge jar and have been adding a little extra when I have it. One new habit I’ve developed is emptying the change from my wallet into the jar after outings. I don’t miss having the change to spend and it’s starting to add up! I’ve been breaking larger bills with money from the jar, so you won’t see as many individual coins or bills in the photo, but it’s nice to have a ready source to make change when I need it!

Through the Bible in 90 Days

I haven’t updated you recently on my Bible reading plan. I’m making progress but am behind schedule to get through in 90 days like I’d originally hoped. Hopefully a couple of catch-up sessions will get me back on track!


The next cycle of teachers for the Children’s worship rooms at our church began recently and I taught for the first time for our new congregation. I had a room of sweet little girls and we had fun! They are very bright and really kept me on my toes!

Our church is planning to take an overseas mission trip at the end of the year and Jay, our daughter, and I are hoping to travel with the team. We have a meeting with the host missionary in a few days to learn more. Jay & I know the missionary personally and we are delighted with the opportunity to return to a mission field that is close to our hearts.

Pi Day

Cheeseburger Pie for Pi Day at A Chat Over Coffee

“Pi Day” has become somewhat of a holiday in the USA. For my International friends who might not be familiar with it, here in the States we write dates with the month first, then the day, so March 14 is written 3/14 or 3.14, and 3.14 is mathematical Pi, hence Pi Day. Is has become a custom to eat pie on Pi Day, so I made a cheeseburger pie (Okay, quiche, but it has a crust so we’re going with it!) for supper and used the leftover crust trimmings to make Pumpkin Butter Mini Pies.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

To make the pumpkin butter mini pies, I cut small circles of pie crust with a drinking glass and placed half of the circles on my baking stone. Then I put a scant teaspoon of pumpkin butter in the center of each circle and moistened the edges with a fingertip dipped in water. I placed another circle of crust on top of each of the pumpkin buttered circles, gently lining up the edges and crimping them with a fork. I baked the mini pies for about 15-20 minutes in a 350 degree oven. They were a hit!

In other kitchen adventures, I baked a cake to use up some very ripe bananas that were given to my husband. More importantly, I finally organized the pantry! While I was moving things around I found a few gaps in my stash of basics, so I’ll be filling those holes ASAP.

Despite the busy, busy I am happy, happy and smiling! What are you smiling about this week?

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5 responses to “Something to Smile About: Busy, busy!

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  2. Belated happy pi day. We celebrate at school every year. Our math teacher/gym teacher is behind it. He organizes a maze and obstacle course that the kids have to work their way through to earn their pi pie. My daughter still had rhubarb in her freezer so I made 2 apple rhubarb pies for my donation. We all have fun.

    Hopefully you will catch up with your Bible reading to your satisfaction. I am a slow Bible reader…I could never manage the 90 day schedule. Now my husband could.

    My youngest in college daughter works with the junior high youth group and will go along with them on their summer mission trip. They stay in the states though. Serving is rewarding and humbling.

    We’ve done some what similar with pie crust and made homemade poptarts with jam filling. Usually we just roll out the extra crust and sprinkle with cinnamon sugar and bake.


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