Something to Smile About: Fish Guts

Now that we’re out of the city, my husband has had more invitations to head out to “the fishing hole” on his day off and we’ve enjoyed a couple of fried fish suppers. That’s certainly something for me to smile about, as is our agreement that he fillets the fish before he brings them to me to cook. After cleaning his most recent catch one evening, he took the fish guts out to the creek and dumped them at the edge of the water. The next morning my daughter and I observed a visit from a couple of buzzards who were efficiently doing exactly what God created them to do. My husband was disappointed that he missed it and that I didn’t take any pictures!

That not only made me smile, it made me chuckle!

I made my daughter smile by digging out my box of felt, a bag of feathers, and my glue gun to make a moving mouth puppet. I needed one for a lesson I was planning to teach and didn’t want to spend big bucks to go buy one, so a little time and one second degree burn (from the hot glue) later, “Beaker” was born.

"Beaker" the DIY moving mouth puppet at A Chat Over Coffee

My daughter says he looks “derp” but she thought the kids would like him. She was right on both counts!

I found some great deals at the grocery stores. Eggs were fifty cents (US) a dozen at Aldi. We had egg salad earlier this week and I anticipate a breakfast-for-dinner fest over the weekend.

Several kinds of cereal were on sale at another store along with a deal for a free gallon of milk with the purchase of four boxes. Better yet, I had coupons! I bought eight boxes of cereal and received two free gallons of milk. We don’t eat a lot of cereal because it just doesn’t seem to hold anybody over until lunch, but I do make cereal bars as desserts or for snacks, so my husband and daughter were pleased to see my haul. They were also more than eager to eat the cereal treat bars I made that evening!

Homemade brownies from scratch at A Chat Over Coffee

After posting a rather feeble picture of the sad remains of a pan of brownies earlier, I thought I should take a proper photo of the full, fresh from the oven, pan that I made this week. Brownies are my husband’s favorite and this recipe is a winner. Sadly, it’s not mine to post on the blog, but you can find it here.

I also made a skillet of corn bread using the recipe from the Betty Crocker cookbook (anybody else have one of those?) “we” received as a wedding gift. Corn bread isn’t any more difficult to make from scratch than from a boxed mix. The exact recipe we like doesn’t seem to be on the Betty Crocker site even though there are lots of other corn bread recipes, so I guess I can only suggest a little trial and error if you want to find your family’s favorite.

Homemade corn bread from scratch in a cast iron skillet at A Chat Over Coffee

Other kitchen adventures this week included No-bake Cookies and Stir and Pour Bread (minus the garlic and cheese).

I also picked up a part-time tutoring contract. My daughter has been joking that since I’m almost finished teaching my own children, I’m going to start over with somebody else’s kids.

Speaking of my daughter, she has written an article that I’ll be sharing on Monday for the 52 Week Savings Challenge series. She asked to write it from a teen perspective and it’s her content; I’ll just get the privilege of publishing it here. Not that I’m a proud mother or anything…nope. Not me.

What are you smiling about today?

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4 responses to “Something to Smile About: Fish Guts

  1. Do you dump the fish cleanings there just because it’s your own property? Here it is not legal in state waterways. We have a 3 acre pond on our proprty where my husband fishes almost daily. He puts the cleanings in a covered container in the freezer and as needed when full buries the contents about a foot down in random areas in the woods or fields or into the garden beds. The barn cats like a treat too but we make sure they eat what is given. We don’t want to encourage scavengers like raccoons and we don’t want to attract bears.


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