52 Week Savings Challenge: Possibilities

I started my 52 Week Savings Challenge because I wanted to instill a little more discipline in my habits, to capture some of the money that I might otherwise have mindlessly frittered away. My jar is slowly filling up but I’m still not sure what I’m going to do with it. It’s quite honestly been fun not knowing because there are lots of interesting possibilities! Even so, it seems like it might be time to give more serious consideration to a few of the options because the novelty of the challenge is wearing thin and I’m going to need a strong “why” in order to keep going for 10 more months.

52 Week Savings Challenge Chart for 2017 (save $2, $5, $10, or $26.50 per week) Copyright © 2016 A Chat Over Coffee

52 Week Savings Challenge Chart for 2017 (save $2, $5, $10, or $26.50 per week) Copyright © 2016 A Chat Over Coffee

Let’s consider some options for each level of saving that I listed on my 52 Week Savings Challenge Chart for 2017. Before I start with specific ideas, please let me point out that there are countless worthwhile charities that would welcome a donation of any size. Please support organizations with which you are familiar and where you are confident the funds will be used appropriately.

Please note that I’m working in US dollars and will be tossing out possibilities according to local prices. It also bears mentioning that these are possibilities that appeal to my interests, values, financial situation, and shopping/spending savvy. Your situation may be wildly different. I’d love it if you’d leave suggestions in the comments if something else appeals to you.


Possibilities for $104

The first option on the chart is to save $2 per week, for a total of $104 saved during the year. When Jay & I were broke new parents, this would have felt like untold riches. It’s still nothing to sneeze at but it doesn’t carry the same emotional weight now as it would have then. What, other than a charitable contribution, could I do with $104?

  • A dinner date with my husband. We don’t eat out often, and when we do, we usually end up at a casual dining joint. With $104 we could choose a nicer place for our date night.
  • A movie night with the family, including tickets and overpriced movie theater snacks and beverages. We don’t see many movies in theaters because of the cost, usually preferring to wait and catch them on video for less than the cost of one theater ticket. But sometimes there are special films that we would like to enjoy in the excitement of opening weekend. We could do that with $104.
  • New paint for the master bedroom. We’re working on the house bit by bit and aren’t afraid to DIY things like painting, but good quality paint costs money. $104 would be enough to paint our master bedroom.What would you do with a $ta$h of Ca$h? | A Chat Over Coffee


Possibilities for $260

The second option on the chart is to save $5 per week, for a total of $260 for the year. This is a sum that causes me to feel its weight a little bit, which is probably why I feel a greater need to be prudent when spending it.

  • An even nicer dinner date with my husband. We could have a delicious meal at an even nicer restaurant if we wanted to spend this amount of money, but that really isn’t our style. We’d be likely to choose a more modest place to eat and have money left for something else we wanted to do.
  • A weekend getaway (that’s a night or two mid-week for pastors’ families) with my husband. For $260 we could stay at a modest hotel in an interesting city and spend a couple of days exploring museums and parks.
  • Theater tickets. $260 would purchase a couple of tickets to a Broadway touring company show in a nearby city. My daughter and I would be more apt to do this than my husband since he’s not a fan of musicals.
  • Refinish the living room floor…maybe. We’d need to rent at least one large tool to complete this home project, and I haven’t priced it out yet, but I think we’d be close.
  • Sponsor our International Student for another year. Remember when I mentioned our sponsored student? We could sponsor her education for another year for $260. We’ll do that anyway, with or without the 52 Week Savings Challenge, but I thought I’d mention it in case anyone else might consider child sponsorship.

    A Chat Over Coffee

    A drawing by our sponsored child. | A Chat Over Coffee


Possibilities for $520

Saving $10 per week for a year will produce a stash of $520. This feels substantial to me and would allow more options, but also makes the decision harder because I feel a greater need to be responsible!

  • A nicer getaway with my husband. Our tastes are modest, so we could stay someplace for a couple of days, stay in a reasonable hotel, and enjoy a restaurant meal or other outing for $520.
  • A home improvement project. $520 will go a long way toward a DIY home project like refinishing floors, repainting walls, or replacing light fixtures.
  • An appliance. We have a couple of older appliances that could easily need to be replaced in the not-too-distant future. $520 would be enough to replace certain appliances or a good start toward the replacement cost for others.Getting paint and primer on my hands is simply part of DIY at A Chat Over Coffee


Possibilities for $1378

Saving $26.50 per week, the average amount of savings per week from the chart that inspired mine, would yield a total savings of $1,378 in a year’s time. This is enough money that it doesn’t feel to me like an amount that should be spent frivolously. It would allow more travel, more home improvement, more textbooks, more responsible behavior.

While the decision isn’t final where the money from the 52 Week Savings Challenge jar will end up, I suspect I know. My husband, daughter, and I are hoping to take a short term mission trip over her Christmas break, so I kind of think the money will go toward personal travel expenses, last minute supplies for the work we’ll be doing, and thank you gifts for those who support the mission team. I’ll keep you posted!

Okay, your turn! How would you spend $104 or $260 or $520 or $1,378?

I moderate comments manually but will get them posted as quickly as possible. Please keep your comments kind and if you must disagree please do so without being disagreeable. Rude or inappropriate comments will obviously not be published.



3 responses to “52 Week Savings Challenge: Possibilities

  1. Hmm, I’m not much of a spender, more of a saver by nature. There is so much we don’t need to spend on just due to the nature of our lifestyle choices.

    I would think this would be money we would use as a family? OK, 260.00. 100, I would just save. We have not been to Chicago in quite awhile. We just need to pay for gas to get there. 2 friends and one family relative live in the area so that gives us the option of 3 different places to stay. My friend from Skokie and her husband stayed at our house for a weekend while attending a NFL football game and their team was playing “our team” (We don’t follow sports but “our team” won). 🙂 so I will plan this with them in mind. I would do a Fri-Sun. I love visiting IKEA so would probably find something there plus have a snack in the cafe. There are 3 venues we always try to visit…Museum of Science and Industry, The Art Institute and the Shedd Aquarium. I know we would go out to eat there for sure as we would want to eat at ethnic restaurants that we don’t have access to where we live. I like to just drive around and see the architecture, maybe take one of the river cruises. This could be our anniversary trip in June. We would bring along a house guest gift, I know we would discuss meals ahead of time and for sure do some cooking at the house. We would visit the groceries there as they have a wider and more unusual assortment of goods than we can get. Our friends are Jewish so if we got there late morning we would have most of the day to be out with them until the Shabbat at their home. Then in the evening we would have time to chat, catch up, relax. Since Saturday is their day of rest we would do the day on our own as they would be attending service and doing extended family things. We’ll return late Saturday afternoon, making sure we have filled the gas tank for tomorrow’s trip back. Dinner in or out? There are several choices of church for us Sunday before we head back. I know they will pack us food to go.

    520.00 I’d save, same with the 1378.00. We’re thinking of adding a deck onto the back of our house but that is still in the planning stages. Well I guess it’s time to check my calendar and see what comes up for that weekend, or around there.


      • We kind of discussed it over dinner one night and had fun. My youngest daughter who still lives with us doesn’t want to be left behind. Our anniversary is the beginning of June but that is also the first anniversary of his youngest sister and the due date for her and her husband’s first baby. So would not go out of town then.

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