Something to Smile About: Knitting and Baking and Soap, Oh, My!

I’ve taken advantage of some cold winter days to work on things that will warm up the house or at least my hands. Knitting, baking, soap-making, canning, shopping, and experimenting in the kitchen have kept me busy and smiling this week.

First off, did you see that we’ve reached the 100th Healthy Living Link Party? I’d love to have you link up and join the celebration!

In the kitchen, I tried a new recipe for Apple Butter Muffins. I have apple butter in the pantry, but it’s homemade, and I like to save the good stuff to eat on homemade bread and biscuits. Pumpkin butter that I found on sale a couple of months ago was the perfect substitute. The muffins came out moist and yummy. This recipe is going in the rotation!

Pumpkin butter muffins at A Chat Over Coffee

I whipped up a batch of No-Bake Cookies and a Banana Miracle Whip Cake for desserts this week. Both of these recipes are family favorites from my childhood, or my father’s childhood, in the case of the Miracle Whip cake. The ham that I put in the electric roaster to cook while we were at worship on Sunday provided several meals, a nice bone and some chunks of meat to put in the freezer, and some bits & pieces for the bean soup that’s simmering as I type.

The bean soup is happening by necessity today. I had a ten pound bag of pinto beans that I needed to use somehow, so I ended up canning 14 quarts and cooking the rest in the crock pot. Some of the cooked beans were portioned into the freezer and the rest are soup for today. The house smells amazing right now, because I used not only the ham but also some homemade meat broth from the freezer and Bean-Zing from the cupboard to flavor the soup.

Vanilla Latte Goat's Milk Soap, wrapped and ready for gifting | A Chat Over Coffee

My crafty exploits for the week included finishing up another pair of bamboo stitch wristers and making soap. You can read all about my Soap Opera here and see more pictures of my creations. I’ve been enjoying that little ball of vanilla latte soap!

The wristers were created from leftover yarn from other projects. I didn’t have enough of either color to make a complete pair, so since this pair is for me to wear around the house, I thought I’d have some fun with it. I actually wore them to church for Bible Study one evening and left them on until my hands warmed up inside. They certainly are more practical than the hand-knit muff I used to carry on cold days.

This week’s festivities also included Chocolate Day, which is what my daughter and I call the day after Valentine’s Day when all of the candy is half price. We were underwhelmed with this year’s sale prices, so we didn’t get much. I brought home some candles to refill a favorite candle holder and a couple of bags of peanut butter cups to use for baking or snacking. Yes, I know they’re not good for me, but they are so yummy!

Chocolate Day 2017 at A Chat Over Coffee

I hope you have a fabulous weekend and an wonderful next week that will give you lots to smile about, too!

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5 responses to “Something to Smile About: Knitting and Baking and Soap, Oh, My!

  1. We just bought another 10 lb bag of pinto beans. It sounds like you are very prepared for a number of months. The only thing we use pintos for are refried beans. I cook 2 lbs at a time, sometimes in the crockpot, sometimes on the stove. Then they go into 1 and 2 cup freezer containers.

    Was there a hurry for you to have to use up the beans? or did you just mean you wanted to use them up and you had time?


  2. We did not see any good chocolate sales. The so called 50% off still seemed very high. The only cheap candies were those little hearts.


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