Saving My Skin!

Winter weather does nothing good for my skin. Everything dries out. I can usually remedy the situation with lip balm and skin cream, but recently my daughter had an adverse reaction to what I thought was a solid commercial brand of product. That’s when I started looking for better alternatives.

Since I was just starting with homemade skin care products I really didn’t want to spend a fortune on specialized ingredients or equipment. Simple recipes that called for ingredients with recognizable names were preferable. And if I could get most or all of the ingredients at the grocery store, so much the better.

Beeswax is a main ingredient in DIY lip balm and skin salve at A Chat Over Coffee

Beeswax is a main ingredient in DIY lip balm and skin salve. | A Chat Over Coffee

Two recipes caught my eye; one for DIY lip balm and the other for “miracle salve” for dry skin. I tried the lip balm first because I knew I had coconut oil on hand and could easily get the beeswax at a nearby craft store. (You can also order beeswax online here and coconut oil here.) What I didn’t have and didn’t want to fool with was the essential oil.

Instead, I substituted 1 teaspoon of honey for the essential oil in the recipe. Honey is supposed to be antimicrobial. Honey tastes and smells nice. I have honey on a shelf in my kitchen. Sounded good to me!

Beeswax products solidify quickly when making lip balm. | A Chat Over Coffee

Beeswax products solidify quickly when making lip balm. | A Chat Over Coffee

Making lip balm really was as easy as the recipe claimed. I combined the ingredients in a microwave-safe measuring cup, melted everything, and poured it into lip balm pots that I purchased at the craft store. (You can also purchase lip balm pots online here.) The lip balm set up really quickly, almost before my eyes, and left a nice coating on my measuring cup that thankfully was easy to scrape off and clean up. But most importantly, my daughter tested it, liked it, and didn’t have any adverse reactions to it. We have a winner! Find the recipe here.

DIY lip balm at A Chat Over Coffee

The miracle salve called for many of the same ingredients as the lip balm, so it looked like a good place to start my search for a skin product. Once again, I made some substitutions so I didn’t have to invest in a lot of products or equipment that I might never use again.

I used olive oil instead of avocado because that’s what I had in the kitchen. I skipped the shea butter because I didn’t want to have to buy several ounces of it in order to get the couple of tablespoons needed for the salve. Instead, I used an extra tablespoon of coconut oil and a smidge more beeswax. Next time I’ll use the coconut oil and leave the beeswax as it’s listed in the recipe. Finally, I used a tablespoon of honey in place of the essential oil.

Gently melting skin salve ingredients. | A Chat Over Coffee

Gently melting skin salve ingredients. | A Chat Over Coffee

The miracle salve recipe produced two pots of about four ounces each. My daughter and I are doing a longer-term test of the salve right now. One thing I like about it is that the ingredients, at least the way I made it, are food grade, so I don’t hesitate to rub the salve on my lips and face when I’m feeling raw from allergy sniffles. If I slather up my hands with miracle salve at bedtime I wake up with very soft skin. Perhaps most importantly, my daughter’s skin is tolerating it well and she’s getting some relief from winter dryness. Find the recipe here.

So I can say that I’ve tried them, we’ve liked them, and I hope they’ll work as well for you. You’re welcome to join me on Pinterest to see what other projects and recipes I’m hoping to try soon.

What do you use when your skin gets dry?

This is the part where I remind you that I’m not a registered medical professional and I’m certainly not an allergist. I’m just sharing my experience in the spirit of having a chat over a cup of coffee. If you have special skin care or allergy needs, you should seek the advice of a licensed professional.

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21 responses to “Saving My Skin!

  1. I like most of your ingredients – coconut oil, olive oil – excellent for skin. My only worry would be the honey? We have bees on our property every year. The crew comes up from AZ and uses our places as a “hub” to deliver to other areas. For this we get free fresh honey (yum). I think you should be ok as long as you are keeping it in a covered container. I keep my honey in a mason jar on the counter – use it in everything including morning coffee. I also heard it is good for the immune system. I have some essential oils because I use them in a ton of stuff – candles, lotions, dried flowers and other crafts. Got mine through ebay and amazon so it was not too expensive. We also have severe dry winters and it does mess up the body! Congrats on your discovery!


  2. We get dry skin here too, and always leave a kettle of water on the woodstove. Drying clothes on racks helps add moisture to the air also, though nothing makes it perfect. We get nosebleeds when it is too dry so as long as no one is bleeding we are succeeding.

    My oldest girl, who runs the farm, has been making lotions and soaps and balms. I know some of her ingredients are beeswax (she has bees), goat’s milk (she now has 14 goats), organic coconut oil. I like lavender so she puts that in my lotion. She makes a different formula for my hands as I work with paper all day and that just sucks out any moisture. It is in a solid cake form rather than a spreadable lotion. But it helps and I keep one at home and one at work. It is also non greasy.


  3. Leigh these are great recipes, thankyou! I’m a big fan of DIY face and body treatments, and substituting ingredients wisely, is a wonderful way to find your own ideal blend. That miracle salve is definitely worth a try I say! Love, Mimi xxx


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