Something to Smile About: So Witty!

If brevity is the source of wit, I am about to be very witty! There’s a big family celebration and that means my priorities are understandably elsewhere, but first I wanted to share a couple quick things with you.

My daughter reacted badly to a name brand lip balm she tried, so I’ve been looking on Pinterest for more natural products that I can make, preferably without spending a small fortune on supplies. You can find what I’ve been pinning here. Thankfully I came across not only a simple recipe for lip balm but also one for a skin salve that I think might do well to combat winter-dry skin. Between that and the oatmeal & honey soap I have drying in my office, there may be another episode of the Soap Opera in our collective future!

Update: I wrote more specifically about making the lip balm here.

DIY lip balm at A Chat Over Coffee

I stumbled across a last-ditch Christmas clearance sale and purchased 10 rolls of wrapping paper, 3 large spools and a half-dozen 2-packs of small spools of ribbon, and five packages of gift tags. The solid paper, ribbons, and tags can be used year-round for birthdays or right away for Valentine’s Day. Would you care to guess how much I spent for all of it (before tax)?

Christmas clearance gift wrapping supplies at A Chat Over Coffee

All of the gift-wrapping goodies in the picture above cost me just $2.40 (US) with no coupons or store credits involved. I was delighted! My husband, who knows how much gift wrap I purchased at other after-Christmas clearance sales this year, thinks I’ve lost my mind. My daughter thinks I’m a clever shopper. My son thinks I won’t have to purchase gift wrap for three years. I think I won’t have to purchase gift wrap for even longer. In my defense, I’ll be giving away most of this latest haul to other family members. My husband is delighted about that.

Clearance candles at A Chat Over Coffee

Then I found a clearance rack at another store and purchased a half-dozen 20-ounce jar candles. My daughter and I really like the fragrances of these, 5 apple & evergreen and 1 cinnamon, to be specific, so we’ll enjoy some around the house. Others will be stashed for emergency preparedness. (I’ve been a little skittish about power outages since Hurricane Ike came to town.) With no small children here to knock them over, I don’t mind to burn candles in an emergency. Let’s face it, I’ve never tried to light a candle only to find the battery was dead.

What are you smiling about this week?

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