Something to Smile About: The 3 Rs

I think this about the point when a lot of New Year’s Resolutions go kaput. Thankfully, I seem to have found a method of goal-setting that is working for me, at least so far, so I’m grateful for the progress I’m making and for all of you being my accountability partners! Hopefully some of what’s working for me will help or encourage you toward your goals. Here are “The 3 Rs” that I’m smiling about this week.

Reaching Goals

My big accomplishment toward my New Year’s Goals was finishing my bamboo stitch project, a cute pair of pastel wristers for my daughter. So often I’ve gone to check on her progress on school work to find her wrapped up in blanket or layered into a hoodie and slipper socks because she’s chilly. Besides being adorable, these fingerless gloves will help keep her hands warm while leaving her fingers free to type up papers for her university classes or practice playing her keyboard.

Bamboo stitch wristlets/fingerless gloves at A Chat Over Coffee

She tells me they are “squish” even though she thinks they look a little like pastel gauntlets. Apparently “squish” and gauntlet-like are positive qualities to her. I’m just tickled that they were interesting enough to keep me engaged in the knitting but not such a complex pattern that I got stressed out working on them. But she’s right. They are kind of “squish” and very cute.

I’ve already started another pair for a friend. If you’d like to make your own wristers, the pattern is available here.

In other goal-reaching news, I’m keeping up with my 52 Week Savings Challenge and even $ta$hing a little extra Ca$h as I continue to toss spare change into my jar. Even though Jay & I have other savings and investments, I’m using the jar to instill a bit more discipline in my spending habits. Before I had the jar I might spend spare change on treats here and there. Now I’ve discovered that putting my change in the jar is preventing some of those little episodes of spending because I’m not likely to break a larger bill to buy a package of gum. And as we chatted about the other day, those small savings add up!


This has been a week of stock-up cooking. I discovered a jar of vanilla sugar in the pantry that seemed to have lost some of its “oomph” somewhere along the line, so I pulled a dried vanilla bean out of the new jar of vanilla sugar I’m steeping, placed it in a clean, repurposed pasta sauce jar, and dumped a bunch of the old vanilla sugar over it to try to pep it back up. I unscrewed the lid and took a whiff just before I started typing this post, and if the fragrance is any indication, the pep-up seems to be working.

It's so convenient to have yeast roll dough already shaped and frozen, ready to bake fresh for supper! | A Chat Over Coffee

It’s so convenient to have yeast roll dough already shaped and frozen, ready to bake fresh for supper! | A Chat Over Coffee

I’ve mentioned making yeast rolls often because it is one of the recipes I use all of the time. This week I made a batch of dough, baked a dozen rolls to eat, and shaped the other rolls on waxed-paper-lined baking sheets to freeze. I freeze the rolls individually and then bag them up once they’re frozen so I can pull out just the number of rolls I need to bake.

I tried Silver Foodie's Prizewinning Pineapple Jam! | A Chat Over Coffee

If you follow the Healthy Living Link Party that opens at 7:00 each Wednesday evening here on the blog then you may have seen Silver Foodie’s Prizewinning Pineapple Jam. I tried the recipe this week and it was very tasty. It didn’t set up quite as I had expected, but the flavor is good and we enjoyed it on those yeast rolls!


As of Wednesday the 18th I am 20% of the way through my 90-day Bible reading plan. Reading through the Bible in 90 days rather than taking a year to do so has had the unexpected benefit of allowing me to better organize the history in my mind. The plan I am using is available here.

I hope you’ve had a great week and have lots to look forward to this weekend! How’s your progress on your goals?

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2 responses to “Something to Smile About: The 3 Rs

  1. I don’t / didn’t make any goals. I don’t think I ever have. I have plans, schedules, commitments, but not a goal.


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