“Solid Gold” Necklaces

Have you seen all of the cute Valentine’s Day ideas on Pinterest? My children are too old to make a Valentine mailbox or exchange dime store cards with their friends, but I still love to see the cute things other mothers are doing even though I’m secretly kind of glad Pinterest perfection pressure wasn’t around when my kids were making and delivering Valentines!

Make a "Solid Gold" necklace for your Valentine! | A Chat Over Coffee

The first time I saw something similar to this “solid gold” necklace was in a church craft project. Then a friend who happens to be from Micronesia brought my son the neatest lei, in this style, for his high school graduation. She used different components, including quarters for university laundry or vending machines, but it was so much fun that my son wore it during his entire post-ceremony open house.

This necklace would work for tweens and teens as well as older kids, but of course you’ll want to use your best judgment with younger children since it involves having plastic wrap around one’s neck and near one’s face. Little ones who can tie a half hitch/basic knot could help make the necklace with some supervision.

A "Solid Gold" Necklace would be a fun Valentine's Day gift for tweens or teens. | A Chat Over Coffee

Wouldn’t you love a “solid gold” necklace for Valentine’s Day?

What You’ll Need:

  • a 24-inch piece of plastic wrap (the cheapie dollar store stuff is fine)
  • about 18 gold colored hard candies (I used butterscotch discs)
  • about 3-4 yards of gold colored curling ribbon
  • Scissors

What To Do:

Cut the plastic wrap in half long ways.

Make a "Solid Gold" Necklace at A Chat Over Coffee

Lay a row of candies down the center of each piece of plastic wrap, leaving a space between each candy for tying and about a candy’s worth of space at each end.

Fold the plastic snugly over the row of candy, first one long side and then the other, and press lightly to seal as much as it will (and the cheapie stuff won’t seal that well, but no big deal). You should end up with two plastic wrap tubes of candy.

Make a "Solid Gold" Necklace at A Chat Over Coffee

Cut a 6-inch piece of curling ribbon and tie a double knot (two half hitches) tightly around the plastic wrap tube between each piece of candy, but NOT on the ends.


Overlap the ends of the plastic wrap tubes so the candies are evenly spaced around the loop and then tie a 6-inch piece of curling ribbon between the end candies to connect the tube.

A DIY Solid Gold Necklace makes a great Valentine gift for tweens or teens at A Chat Over Coffee.JPG

Use the scissors to curl the ends of each piece of curling ribbon.

If you want to add a Valentine message, you’re welcome to print and cut out these (solid-gold-friendship-valentine-x-6-from-a-chat-over-coffee) Valentine hearts for your personal use. Either punch a hole in the edge of the heart to tie it on to the necklace or just tape the heart over one of the candies like a pendant.

Make a "Solid Gold" Necklace at A Chat Over Coffee

Slip the “solid gold” necklace over your head, or your Valentine’s head, and admire how sweet you look in all that bling!

Clearly this fun little bauble could be made with all kinds of candy, bubble gum, or trinkets like erasers, bouncy balls, or other favors. It could be done in school colors (like my son’s graduation lei) or according to some other theme. Flowers, real or silk, could be tied on between the candies so the necklace could be looped over a doorknob for May Day, Mother’s Day, or as a “Ding, Dong, Ditch” surprise. If you make a “solid gold” or other themed necklace, please share a picture on my Facebook page so everyone can admire your creativity!

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2 responses to ““Solid Gold” Necklaces

  1. Interesting idea. I am not crazy about things that use plastic wrap that just adds to the landfills, but I guess this is minimal. I showed it to 2 of my girls. They both work with the youth groups; the older girl and her husband with the senior high and my younger girl works with the elementary ages. We have our Love Banquet coming up which will be a fundraiser for the youth group mission projects. They could make them and offer for “sale”, as a possibility.

    I wonder if they could be made with out the plastic overlay…just overlap the end wrappers of the candies and tie together with the ribbon.


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