Something to Smile About: Dough

My son loves puns and seems to specialize in groaners. “Dough” is my groaner for this week, because I raised, spent, and saved quite a bit of it!

Raising Dough

The first way I raised dough was by making my 52 Week Savings Challenge deposit to my Ca$h $ta$h to keep up with that New Year’s Goal. I’ve also been tossing my loose change in the $ta$h jar. It’s not a lot, but I’m having fun! It’s like being a little kid again and watching my piggy bank fill up. Jay hasn’t given any indication that he’s noticed the jar, so I’m hoping it’ll stay beneath his radar and I can surprise him with the extra cash at the end of the year.

My 2017 jar for the 52 Week Savings Challenge, at least until my stash gets to the point that it needs to go into the bank! | A Chat Over Coffee

My 2017 jar for the 52 Week Savings Challenge, at least until my stash gets to the point that it needs to go into the bank! | A Chat Over Coffee

The second way I raised dough was in my kitchen. A couple of days before my son went back to university, we had a family pizza & movie night to mark (mourn?) the end of his school break. I made a batch of Yeast Roll dough, but I didn’t make it into 4 dozen rolls like I usually do. Instead, I divided the dough into thirds and made one third into a deep dish pizza, one third into two thin crust pizzas, and the final third into a tea ring for dessert. The bad news is I didn’t get any pictures to show you. I’m sorry! The good news is we had plenty of leftovers to enjoy the next day.What is it about cold pizza, anyway?

Spending Dough

My daughter is joining her big brother at school part time this semester since we now live near enough to the university for her to take dual enrollment classes on campus instead of online. She still lives at home but commutes to campus two days per week. For the first time in my home educating life, I had to drop her off at school! Even though I was more of an administrator than a teacher during the fall semester and she still does some high school classes online from home, I told my husband that putting her on campus makes me feel unemployed for the first time since I graduated university myself. It’s been bittersweet.

Saving Dough

A pan of homemade granola bars, all ready to cut, wrap, and pack in school lunches! | A Chat Over Coffee

A pan of homemade granola bars, all ready to cut, wrap, and pack in school lunches! | A Chat Over Coffee

Since my daughter is not living on campus, she doesn’t have a meal plan in the dining hall, and since she doesn’t have a meal plan in the dining hall, she needs to pack lunches. I had already been stocking single servings of leftovers in small containers in the freezer, so it’s been easy for her to just grab one of those to pack and reheat in the microwave that’s available on campus for commuter students. She does, however, like to have some snacks to pack, so I made her a batch of granola bars to take to school. She’s also training for spring running, which means I needed to make and bottle a double batch of homemade sports drink for her.

Homemade sports drink at A Chat Over Coffee

My non-food kitchen project was to use up the last bit of my melt & pour glycerine soap to make a couple of toy soaps to give as gifts. I found the cutest little snake toys and molded the soaps in round plastic containers for sort of a “snake egg” effect. My daughter saw them and said if she were little she’d probably try to work the head loose and pull the snake out that way. Maybe her days on campus haven’t made her all grown up quite yet? (I hope!)

Raising the Bar Instead of Dough: New Year’s Goals

In addition to keeping up on my New Year’s Goal of $ta$hing Ca$h, I also made progress toward becoming a Knit-Wit. I bought an inexpensive bottle of dimensional paint (I tossed my open bottles before we moved) and put treads on the bottom of my newly-knitted slippers in the hope that no winter skating will be done on the uncarpeted floors in my home. My bamboo stitch project is coming along nicely and hopefully I’ll have a photo for you very soon.

Addding no-slip treads to hand-knit slippers at A Chat Over Coffee

I finished reading The Magnolia Story, my first book toward my reading goal. And after finding a 90-Day chronological Bible reading plan a couple of days into the new year, I decided to take the plunge into reading the entire Bible. I’ve done through-the-Bible plans but never as quickly as 90 days! After a couple of days of doubling up, I am caught up to where I should be if I’d started on January 1. It occurs to me that I will be able to count reading the entire Bible as part of my reading goal if I want! Fun! I’d love to know if you are reading through the Bible this year and what plan you are using.

A quick review of The Magnolia Story at A Chat Over Coffee

With so many people working on New Year’s resolutions and goals, there are a lot of helpful articles to be read and considered. There are also some really fun projects out there that might be perfect for days when one is shut indoors by winter weather. I’ve been sharing some of them on my Facebook page and Twitter profile. I also added a Paper Dolls board on Pinterest. I’d love to have you follow me on social media!

Please tell me about your progress toward your goals for 2017!

I moderate comments manually but will get them posted as quickly as possible. Please keep your comments kind and if you must disagree please do so without being disagreeable. Rude or inappropriate comments will obviously not be published.



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