Something to Smile About: A Great Start to 2017!

I’ve had a great start to 2017 and my New Year’s Goals. I’ve posted goal charts above my desk and placed some supplies I’ll need nearby, so I hope the daily reminders will keep me focused! The real test will come as life gets busy with family commitments, church activities, and my daughter’s school schedule. Lord willing, I’ll stay on track, or at least get back on track if I get derailed.

Our first Christmas tree in our new home | A Chat Over Coffee

But before I could start on my goals for 2017 I had to tie up some loose ends from 2016, including putting away the Christmas decorations and setting the house in order. That was trickier this year since I’m obviously not as familiar with the best places to store things in our new home as I was with our previous residence, where we spent 13 years. The clean-up was also delayed by traveling to see family and hosting family & friends. We had such a lovely Christmas in our new home that it was kind of hard to say good-bye to the beautiful tree by the fireplace and the lighted village in the bow window, but the memories are with us even though the trappings are packed safely away for next Christmas.

$ta$h Ca$h in 2017 with a 52 Week Savings Challenge | A Chat Over Coffee

My first goal for 2017 is to $ta$h $ome Ca$h! Jay & I have had savings and retirement plans for years, but the move created an understandable amount of upheaval and I feel that I lost some of my discipline in the process. Building an extra Ca$h $ta$h will force me to keep a closer eye on our budget and how I’m managing our household. (Read more about it here.)These beginner slippers were knit holding two strands of yarn as one to make a thicker, more durable slipper. | A Chat Over Coffee

My second goal for 2017 is to Be a Knit-Wit. I’m a slow, impatient knitter who can start a project, then drop it for months or years. As part of regaining some discipline, I wanted to finish the pair of slippers I began a few weeks ago and then complete a couple more knitting projects during 2017. The slippers are on my feet as I type and the first new project of the year is half way done! (Read more about it here.)


If you follow me on Facebook then you know we had some snow this week. It wasn’t anything much to worry about, but it certainly got cold today! With zero temptation to be unnecessarily out and about, I completed a couple of kitchen projects that I had on my list.

A double batch of homemade granola at A Chat Over Coffee

My first kitchen project was to make a double batch of homemade granola. (The link to the recipe is in this post.)

"Chocolate Waterfall" Hot Cocoa Mix (or how to get your kids to shovel snow willingly) | A Chat Over Coffee

My second kitchen project was to make a double batch of “Chocolate Waterfall” hot cocoa mix. This cocoa tastes just as good as the stuff from the fancy-pants coffee shops but is far less expensive and doesn’t require me to leave the house on a snowy day to get some! (The recipe is here.)

I wanted to make some soap, but I decided to try upcycled molds for this batch, and I need to collect a few more. (Read about making soap here.)

So my 2017 is off to a great start! How about yours? What did you accomplish this week?

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8 responses to “Something to Smile About: A Great Start to 2017!

  1. I love January for the sense of renewal and accomplishment. As sad as it makes me to see the glow of the lights disappear, our tree is finally coming down tonight. Your granola looks wonderful 🙂


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  6. I like the view off your deck. We don’t have a deck, yet. That may be in the works. 3 years ago we added on a 4 season room ourselves with help from relatives and friends. The deck would go off that and face the woods to the back of the house and glimpses of the pond through the trees, better when the leaves have fallen. Right now we really enjoy our patio in front which has my container gardens around it, flowers, our grill, tables and chairs. We spend plenty of time there, especially in the evenings watching the stars or the moon. We just had the full moon. Even when it’s cold.

    I remember my sister and I always got a new pair of those knit slippers for Christmas. They were slippery, that is for sure, and I am sure we probably fell once or twice. Adding non stick to them would have been nice, especially on the stairs.

    Your granola looks similar to ours that we have made 30 plus years. It was from one of the Francis Moore Lappe books, Recipes or Diet for Small Planet, don’t remember which. We just do it from memory now. We like it best with chopped dates added. (you know I am not going to click on the links)


    • We do appreciate the view from the deck after so many years of living in the suburbs. Our plan is to build an awning over it in the spring, otherwise it will be too hot to enjoy it in the summer months. The granola recipe is Brandy’s from The Prudent Homemaker, so you can always go find it there if you want to compare it to your favorite recipe.


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