Get Some Cash Back from Black Friday and Cyber Monday Shopping

I really like to have most of my Christmas shopping done before Thanksgiving, as we chatted about in this post, but this year I am running behind because we moved. Even so, I have finished about 2/3 of my shopping and hope to finish the rest in the next few days so I can enjoy fun stuff like crafting and baking during the actual Christmas season.

Earn Ca$h Back When You Shop Online | A Chat Over Coffee

When I shop online, which I almost always do these days, I like to go through Ebates because I get cash back. The process is easy. First I signed up at the Ebates site. Now I return to Ebates when I want to shop and click through from there to my favorite online retailers. Ebates keeps track of my shopping and sends me a “Big Fat Check” about once a quarter.

I’ve been known to stand in the home improvement store, pick out what I want, go through Ebates to the store site and place an order for in-store pickup, and then go get a cup of coffee while the store employees gather up my purchases. I get an email or text message from the store when my order is ready to pick up. Less stress and cash back, plus an excuse to have a cup of coffee. Works for me!

This is a sample of the floor we purchased by shopping online. | A Chat Over Coffee

This is a sample of the floor we purchased by shopping online. | A Chat Over Coffee

The other place I like to check for sales is Amazon. I’ve ordered a lot of gifts and university textbooks there and my whole family appreciates Prime shipping. We just purchased a used television for our basement and bought an Amazon Fire Stick so we could watch movies. The used TV plus the Fire Stick was less expensive than a new smart TV, so my husband and I are very pleased with our early Christmas gift to each other.

Thanks for letting me share a couple of online shopping programs I use and appreciate. I was a customer of Ebates and Amazon before I became an affiliate, so these really are sites I use and enjoy. If you shop through my affiliate links I do receive a small fee, which helps me defray the costs associated with keeping A Chat Over Coffee up and running. You can also shop Dollar Shave Club or join Swagbucks through the links in the right sidebar of this page.

I hope you and your family have a very Happy Thanksgiving! Enjoy your shopping and don’t forget to also support Small Business Saturday in your community!

Earn Ca$h Back When You Shop Online | A Chat Over Coffee

Earn Ca$h Back When You Shop Online | A Chat Over Coffee

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