Something to Smile About (Trick or Treat!)

Something to Smile About (Trick or Treat!) | A Chat Over Coffee

I had such a nice weekend! My husband and I turned running errands into a date by having lunch together, just the two of us, plus we crossed lots of things off of our to-do list. My son came home from university overnight and worked at the church Harvest Festival with us…FUN! We had family time with pizza and soft drinks (a treat at our house). And the weather was unseasonably warm, which made all of our family plans and running around that much better! Yes, I do have lots to smile about today!

Hand made beaded earrings | A Chat Over Coffee

Do you like to make Christmas gifts? If you’ve been joining me here for very long then you probably know that I make homemade vanilla and different craft projects. This last week I tried something new and returned to an old skill. My new project was making memory jars to use as pendants or ornaments and then making a pair of beaded earrings. I haven’t done much jewelry-making before, but was very happy with the way these turned out. As soon as I can get the photos edited and how-tos written up I will share a tutorial here on the blog.

Hand made memory jar pendant | A Chat Over Coffee

My mother did a lot of knitting when I was little and she managed to pass along a small portion of her skill to me. I seem to pursue it in fits and starts, doing a bunch of knitting for a while and then setting it aside, sometimes mid-project, for months or even years. I picked up my needles again over the weekend and enjoyed a relaxing bit of mindless, repetitive knitting. If I manage to finish the project, I’ll let you know! Meanwhile, it’s been very pleasant to feel the yarn and my favorite bamboo needles in my hands once again.

Mindless, repetitive knitting "therapy" | A Chat Over Coffee

My son came home from university on Saturday evening to spend time with the family and enjoy the church Harvest Festival. It made my heart swell with pride to look across the crowd and see both of my children working at game booths, laughing and chatting with the children who came to play. I wasn’t sure if the adults were supposed to dress up or not for the festival, so I aimed for the middle of the road by quickly making myself a pumpkin shirt. The t-shirt was about $3 at the hobby store and I had a Sharpie marker in my desk. It took minutes. If you want to make one, don’t forget to line your shirt with a piece of cardboard while you’re drawing the face so your marker doesn’t bleed through. (Yes, I remembered!)

My quick and easy costume! | A Chat Over Coffee

We indulged in some special snacking over the weekend. On Saturday evening, while my son was home, we tried some of the new soft drinks we purchased during our recent visit to the bulk food store. My daughter was delighted to get a cherry drink since most “red” flavors contain artificial dye that triggers a nasty allergic reaction for her. These were dye-free, made with cane sugar, and delicious. We certainly don’t want to make these a frequent habit, but we enjoyed our special treat very much! (You can find the soft drinks here but they were much more affordable at the bulk food store.)

I think I have a new favorite soft drink! | A Chat Over Coffee

Then on Sunday evening my husband, daughter, and I decided we were in the mood for Chocolate Mug Cake, so I set out three mugs and measured out three portions. Thank goodness I’ve learned to put the mug on a plate before I nuke them! Jay observed that mug cakes are about the ugliest dessert…but they sure taste good!

Chocolate Mug Cake is messy but yummy! | A Chat Over Coffee

And now my fun weekend is over, but I have lots to do and look forward to this week.

What are you smiling about today?

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Something to Smile About (Trick or Treat!) | A Chat Over Coffee

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6 responses to “Something to Smile About (Trick or Treat!)

  1. These are all cute projects. I like them!
    Thank you for sharing this with us on the #HomeMattersParty. We hope to see you again when we open our doors on Friday at 12 AM EST.


  2. Hi Leigh. It sounds as if you’ve had a lovely time with family. I love that too. Now those little trinkets you’re making are adorable, and I hope you’ll pop over and share them at my Five Star Frou-Frou Neverending linkup so I can feature them! And yep…my mug cakes look about like that too…lol! Delicious, but messy! Have a great week. Love, Mimi xxx


  3. That’s funny about mug cakes being an ugly dessert but they do taste good. LOL It’s true!
    Thank you for linking up your post at the #HomeMattersParty. We hope to have you join us again, the door is open Friday at midnight EST.


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