Prayer Request

Hurricane Matthew is currently hitting the island of Hispaniola,which is divided into two countries, the Dominican Republic on the East and Haiti on the west. Jay & I have been to the D.R. twice on short term mission trips and have friends who are currently serving there as missionaries. One couple went to university with Jay and has three children. The other we met during our mission trips and at our previous church. They have a one-week-old baby. I heard from both families this morning via social media. They are without power but otherwise doing as well as may be expected. Praise God for that!

Update 10/5/16: The missionary with whom we traveled to the Dominican Republic no longer lives in the country but makes frequent visits with work teams and remains in contact with the churches there. According to her social media reports and those of the missionaries I mentioned earlier, there are power outages and flooding in the capital city of Santo Domingo. The family with the new baby is battling leaks in their home. No word has yet been received from the frontier church on the border with Haiti. Like many of you, I am monitoring the news and social media for additional news from the areas impacted by the storm.

Could we please add Cuba, Jamaica, and the coast of the United States to our prayer list? As the storm progresses I, and probably many of you, have family members who will likely be impacted. Thank you!

Jay and me in the Dominican Republic, 2009 | A Chat Over Coffee

Jay and me during our second trip to the Dominican Republic, 2009 | A Chat Over Coffee

We don’t personally know anyone currently in Haiti. A young man who was in our youth group has been to Haiti on several mission trips. An acquaintance from my volunteer work adopted her son from Haiti shortly after the last major hurricane to hit there and the adoption was expedited to help get her son to safety after the storm. Even if you don’t know anyone who has been there, a simple internet search will yield many articles about the difficulties in that country. The poverty is staggering in the best of circumstances.

Hurricane Matthew 2016 image credit: NOAA Environmental Visualization Laboratory

Hurricane Matthew 2016 image credit: NOAA Environmental Visualization Laboratory

So I’m asking you to please be intentional in your prayers for the people of the island of Hispaniola and for all who will be impacted by Hurricane Matthew. Neither Haiti nor the Dominican Republic has the national resources that we enjoy in the U.S. and neither country has the emergency infrastructure or relief organizations that we have here.

If you are in a position to offer material relief to the people of Haiti, may I suggest working through International Disaster Emergency Services (I.D.E.S.)? I’ve been familiar with I.D.E.S. for over a decade and have worked with them before, so I feel confident recommending them as an organization that will make good use of your contributions to the relief effort. The I.D.E.S. home page is here, the news page with Hurricane Matthew/Haiti updates is here, and the Facebook page that also has updates is here.

If you can’t contribute right now, please do pray! As I posted yesterday, we shouldn’t worry. We should pray and act as God directs.

Thank you for allowing me to share my prayer request. I haven’t forgotten my concern for Venezuela and will be testing that relief system in the coming days, but for now, let’s pray for Hispaniola, especially Haiti.

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