This Isn’t the Post I Planned to Write Today…

…and it’s not about last night’s debate between the two major party candidates for President, which I hear via my social media feed was either hilarious, infuriating, or downright scary.

The post I wanted to write was about my recent visit to a cute little bulk food market and why I love local bulk food stores. That’ll have to wait.

You see, while I was wading through the debate rants and memes in my news feed, I saw an article my husband shared, one about how children in Venezuela are falling asleep in school because they’re not getting enough to eat. (Click here for a link to the article.) It’s the kind of thing that makes a mother fight tears and go hug her children even though they are as big as she is these days and plan to serve a huge supper just because she is so grateful that she can.

Before I moved I shared a bit about the situation in Venezuela and my hope to be of practical help. Now that things have settled down I can move away from the urgent moving tasks and refocus on the important work for my brothers & sisters in Venezuela.

Lentils are valuable right now in Venezuela | A Chat Over Coffee

Lentils are valuable right now in Venezuela | A Chat Over Coffee

Can you imagine not being able to afford even beans and rice?

I’ve found and contacted an organization that can ship much-needed goods like rice, corn flour, beans & lentils, pasta, canned meat, sugar, soap, and shampoo into the country, but I need to make sure it gets to those who need it once it arrives. Making contact in Venezuela is a little complicated, but I’m working on it! As soon as I can feel safe about recommending a course of action, I’ll let you know.

Meanwhile, would you please join me in prayer for the people of Venezuela and for the efforts of organizations around the world to get resources into the hands of those who need it so desperately? Thank you!

Update 10/12/16: Based on the suggestions of my Venezuelan friends and missionaries in the country, I sent a box of supplies to Venezuela to test the shipping system. It could take up to a month for the supplies to actually reach the destination. I’ll let you know if it works!

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5 responses to “This Isn’t the Post I Planned to Write Today…

  1. Your post brought tears to my eyes. Oh, how we forget how blessed we are. Oh, how we take for granted going to bed well fed. I’m praying for the people of Venezuela and the many other places where food is scarce. Thanks for bringing this to our awareness. I look forward to your update.


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