Something to Smile (Broadly) About: We did it!

I’ve not been blogging as much recently because there is a LOT going on, but there are also a lot of things to smile about today!

Our New Home

We did it! We closed on our new home on Friday and immediately started cleaning and painting. While Jay & a friend drove a trailer down to the old house to get the washer and dryer and our mattresses, I started cleaning the bathrooms and kitchen. We spent the first night in a hotel but have been “camping” at the house since then so we don’t have to drive back and forth daily while we’re working.

The living room is a work zone while we're painting our new home. | A Chat Over Coffee

The living room is a work zone while we’re painting our new home. | A Chat Over Coffee

My parents came to help us paint. My father, a retired teacher, spent some of his early retirement years doing maintenance work for a couple of residential facilities in his community and painting was a large part of his work. He can wield an 18-inch paint roller like nobody I’ve seen! So far we’ve painted my daughter’s bedroom, the living room, and the foyer.

My son worked so hard to prep the foyer for painting! | A Chat Over Coffee

My son worked so hard to prep the foyer for painting! | A Chat Over Coffee

My “children” (a teenager and a university student) have been a huge help. The foyer in the new house was wallpapered and the kids spent the better part of the weekend trying to remove the paper so we could paint. The paper came off in shreds despite use of a scoring tool and wallpaper remover. They persevered! Now the foyer is painted and looks much better.

Cross Country

Our move means that my daughter will be running with a different cross country team. At first she wasn’t sure she could find it in her heart to run with anyone but her “squad” back at our old home, but she felt better about it once she met her new coach. She’s been to a couple of practices, met some of her new teammates, and is excited about the new season.

A cross country training run at A Chat Over Coffee

A cross country training run at A Chat Over Coffee

Back to School

School started Monday for my daughter. Yes, she’s trying to study amidst the boxes and paint cans! That’s why we painted her room first thing, so she’d have a place of relative peace and sanity where she could escape and hopefully think straight. She still doesn’t have her furniture, but she has her “space” and seems to be handling things really well.

My son heads back to university this weekend. His roommate is flying in tomorrow and the guys will head to campus, now only twenty minutes away, on Friday. I expect to see my boy again soon since he’s promised to come and help with the actual moving of the furniture.

God Always Keeps His Promises

It’s rained almost every day since we closed on the new house. We laugh about it, because it seemed it never rained when we visited our new community. Now that the much-needed rain has been falling we are joking that we must be accepted as locals, since the weather is no longer trying to impress us and get us to move in!

A beautiful double rainbow at A Chat Over Coffee

A beautiful double rainbow at A Chat Over Coffee

As we prepared to spend our first night (on mattresses on the floor) in our new home, God sent us this beautiful double rainbow. He even put it right outside our front door. We feel so blessed to be here!

Back to Blogging Soon

The good news about all of our goings-on is that I’ve found a new product I want to tell you about! I also anticipate getting back to my recipes and crafting in my new kitchen. I have a new yard and flower gardens to learn about and hopefully personalize, and of course I’ll share what I discover along the way.

What are you smiling about today? What suggestions do you have for me as I settle in to my new home and community?

7 responses to “Something to Smile (Broadly) About: We did it!

  1. I don’t know if you have more wallpaper but if you do try vinegar. It worked wonders and we had layers of wallpaper and paint.


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  3. I am behind here, I see. By now you have probably accomplished a lot more. Will look forward to updates.

    How nice your son will only be 20 minutes away! Though we are a small town we are fortunate to have a state university here at which 3 of my 5 did their undergraduate degree. As did I and both my parents!


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