It’s a Weird Feeling…

img_0891This morning I went through my normal morning routine for the last time. Despite the sale of our house falling through, we are going ahead with the purchase of our new home and the closing is bright and early tomorrow. We’ll take possession at that time and immediately begin cleaning and painting and doing what needs to be done to make it “our” home.

We’re happy and excited to finally begin our new life in our new community even though it’s bittersweet to leave the home we’ve shared and loved and in which we’ve brought up our children from toddler and primary student to teenager and young adult.

So today we’ll pack up all of the little things that have remained unpacked to keep life normal, because we’ll want to take them to our new home right away to help find our new normal as quickly as possible. That means that tomorrow everything will be packed and rushed and different, making today the last time I went through what has been my normal morning routine for these past 13 years.

It’s a weird feeling.

What keeps life “normal” for you?

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7 responses to “It’s a Weird Feeling…

  1. Sorry that your house didn’t sell. Praying it will soon.
    My normal routine is coffee and Bible/pray time. So, I’d definitely keep out my Keurig machine and my prayer supplies.


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  3. Everything works out in God-time…your house will too.

    My normal is what I have heard people call “the same old same old”. I think they mean boring, nothing new. But that is the way I prefer it. I am glad I will ,most likely never have to uproot and move somewhere else. I can look out my window and see the same view I’ve seen for the last 55 years, though like me, everything is older and more mature. I can attend the same church with most of my relatives…some families have 4 generations there. I can walk next door to visit
    my daughter and her family, down or up the road to uncles and aunts and cousins, nieces and nephews. My husband walks out the front door to work…a minute later he is there at his woodworking shop. The same shop that my grandfather ran until he retired. This is my normal.


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