4 Easy, Portable, No-bake Snacks

My husband began his new ministry this week but we’re still waiting for the banks and the government to clear all of the paperwork so we can sell our current home and purchase our new one. That means we’re living in a different community from our new church and my husband can’t come home for lunch like he could when we were only a mile and a half away.

4 Easy, Portable, No-bake Snacks from A Chat Over Coffee

4 Easy, Portable, No-bake Snacks from A Chat Over Coffee

Of course he doesn’t want the expense, and quite honestly the hassle, of going out to purchase his lunch every day, so I’m making sure to have portable lunch items on hand for him as well as for our son, who is still carrying lunch to his summer job. I usually pack up extra food from our regular meals in single-serving containers and leave them, labeled, on a particular shelf in our freezer. Then my guys can select what they’d like to take to warm up and eat for their lunch. I also like to have some “snacky” items and desserts on hand to round out the meal or provide a little pick-me-up.

Here are four things I’ve made recently that not only fit the bill for lunch but are also quick, easy, and don’t require me to heat up the house by turning on the oven. I’m making them for my men, but these recipes would also work for back to school lunches or grab & go snacks to take to sports practices, after school activities, and on car picnics.

No Bake Granola Bars are quick to make and easy to take! | A Chat Over Coffee

Granola Bars

No-bake granola bars require only four ingredients and one pot to prepare. They come together in minutes but do require some time to chill in the fridge before they’re ready to eat. I individually wrap the cut bars and store them in my freezer, ready to grab and go.

Bananas purchased on sale will dehydrate into banana chips for quick, packable snacks and lunches. | A Chat Over Coffee

Bananas purchased on sale will dehydrate into banana chips for quick, packable snacks and lunches. | A Chat Over Coffee

Banana Chips

I don’t have a recipe to share for banana chips because I just slice ripe bananas, put them in the dehydrator, and leave them until they’re ready. Packaged in small baggies and stored in the freezer, these are a healthy, real food option for lunches, snacks, and car picnics. (I have a dehydrator like this one and also use fruit roll up trays like these sometimes.)

This is my mother's recipe for No-bake Cookies, so of course it's the best! | A Chat Over Coffee

No-bake Cookies

These are my daughter’s favorites, but my guys also love ’em. The ingredients are things I always have in the pantry. I love that I can make cookies in a hurry and without turning on the oven!

Real food cheesecake parfaits are quick, easy, and portable! | A Chat Over Coffee

Real Food Cheesecake Parfaits

The key to making these parfaits portable is putting them in half pint canning jars like these. You can do whatever flavor combinations you want. Surprise your family with one of these parfaits for dessert and be prepared for the delighted response!

What quick, easy, no-bake treats do you like to pack in your family’s lunches?

4 Easy, Portable, No-bake Snacks from A Chat Over Coffee

4 Easy, Portable, No-bake Snacks from A Chat Over Coffee

Update: This post was shared at The Homemaking Party (7/26/16).

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5 responses to “4 Easy, Portable, No-bake Snacks

  1. I must have missed reading this earlier. I hope you don’t mind belated comments.

    I can’t think of any/many no bake treats. I do make one snack mix though. It makes a lot but everyone likes it. I shop all year for the ingredients and watch for sales combined with double coupons. That helps greatly with the price.

    This is the time of year I make it as it reminds me of fall. Find your biggest container and dump in…..

    Dry roasted peanuts, 2 large jars (I use unsalted)
    Pretzels, sticks or knots or whatever smaller sized
    shape you like, large bag
    OHs cereal, 2 boxes (they were discontinued for about
    a year but now they are back!!!)
    Golden Grahams cereal, largest box
    Cheezits cheese crackers, 2 boxes
    MMs, largest bag ( I pick out the blues and save them
    for another use)(by largest, I mean that ?40 oz
    bag that sits upright)

    You could add craisins or raisins if you like. I pack in qt size ziplocs for presents. Use red and green MMs
    for Christmas. I’d say 2/3 c makes a nice snack for me, but a larger serving size for others like my husband and more active daughters. Hint….if you decide to make be sure and pack the ingredients away as you acquire them so something doesn’t get eaten in the meantime. I don’t put them in the pantry.

    Just wondering why, since your banana chips are dehydrated, that you keep them in the freezer?


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