A Dose of Reality

It’s easy to think, “It could never happen to me,” or “Nobody I know has to worry,” or “It won’t happen here.” But it could and they do because it will.

One of Jay’s university soccer (football, for those outside of the U.S.) teammates served as a missionary in Venezuela. He married a sweet girl, they have a lovely family, and they recently relocated their ministry to another country. (Yes, I’m being deliberately vague.) This article (click here to read it) popped up in my social media feed and I read it with great interest because our friends were there for so long and because they still have friends and family there. I shared the article and requested feedback from missionary friends who felt it appropriate and safe to comment.

A friend who was born in Cuba and later served as a missionary in the Far East commented that it sounded familiar and another missionary friend simply “Liked” the lengthy reply left by my friend from Venezuela. I’m sharing her comment with you confident that you will read with the understanding that she wrote this on social media and in English, which is not her first language.

[My husband] was there last month And sadly It’s all true. In his suitcase sent from here And with a lot of prayer We sent rice, shampoo, soap, pasta, lentils as my dad was anemic And it was imposible to find even in the black market. And lots of medicines. God was good And he arrived and suitcases were not harmed. God was good in his time there. He saw how God protected him. How God answered prayers around him. He went with my dad to grocery store and my dad only bought vegetables and spend his whole social security salary for a few things. I know the churches help each other with whatsapp informing when and where things can appear in an store. Being out in the streets at night is not possible. Church meetings are earlier and shorter. [My husband] said than in a year of not being there he saw people getting more scared. I also know of one of our churches trying to help families that have been eating only one meal a day and have kids. In here also I know of people that work really hard and try to help their families back in Venezuela (since there are a lot of Venezuelans here). There is even a new company that lets you send medicines from here to Venezuela. Of course that is a problem when is medicine that needs to be prescribed from your dr. God is good and I have heard testimonies of people finding things when they need it the most and protecting them, faith is a real thing in people’s life there. We keep praying for the church as they search for God as their provider and as they try to bring hope to those around them.

Lentils are valuable right now in Venezuela | A Chat Over Coffee

Lentils are valuable right now in Venezuela | A Chat Over Coffee

I can’t imagine not having food to put in front of my family at meal times. I’ve never been in a situation where we could only afford one meal per day. It breaks my heart. But how remarkable are the Venezuelan Christians who are using technology and the resources they do have to help others who may be even worse off?

Please pray for Venezuela and for the missionaries all over the world who are trying to address the very real physical and spiritual problems in the countries where they serve. Please support worthy organizations that are trying to help. And please keep up your pantry and have an emergency fund so that you can be ready to serve rather than need to be served when things get difficult where you are.

Update 7-26-16: Another friend who has family in Venezuela just posted, “My mom has been 8 hours standing in a line in the supermarket for toilet paper and milk. She actually was going for sugar but they ran out of it while she was in line.”
I’m still communicating with those who may be able to tell me how we can help. I’ll keep you posted.

I moderate comments manually but will get them posted as quickly as possible. Please keep your comments kind and if you must disagree please do so without being disagreeable. Rude or inappropriate comments will obviously not be published.


6 responses to “A Dose of Reality

  1. Praying for missionaries all over the world. Thanks for sharing. I always enjoy your varieties posts that are practical as well as spirit-lifting! Blessings to you and yours.
    Beckie from Spotlight, beckielindsey16.com


    • Thanks, Beckie! I’ve been communicating with the friend I quoted and we’re trying to figure out the best way to get practical help into the country. Sending individuals with suitcases is obviously inefficient and potentially risky.

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  2. It is a very sad situation. It sounds much like the Soviet Union used to be. Last week I heard on public radio that people are trying to get on the show MILLIONAIRE there but that the money is so devalued that even top prizes are just a fraction of what they would have been before. A woman’s final prize was $19.00 after making it into the upper me levels.


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