NOW I can tell you!

We’ve known for months that it was a possibility. We’ve known for weeks it was a probability. We’ve known since early in June that it was happening for sure.

My husband has been called to pastor a different congregation!

While we are excited to begin our next adventure for Jesus with our new church family, we are of course sad to leave the people we have loved for the past 13 years and to have to sell the home where we’ve brought up our children. But God has been very, very gracious and we were able to sell our existing home in six days, then less than a week later secure a contract to purchase a home in our new community.

A Chat Over Coffee

A Chat Over Coffee

Remember this creek that I showed you a couple of days ago? It borders the property we are buying. Our new home will be out of town just far enough for us to have a larger lot, less bustle, and perhaps a proper garden. We think it will be just right for the needs of our family now that our children are older and our son is spending most of his time at university or work.

We're excited to have a bigger back yard! | A Chat Over Coffee

We’re excited to have a bigger back yard! | A Chat Over Coffee

So if you’ve been wondering why I’ve been so busy and my life has been in a bit of upheaval, this is it! We’re moving! There has been a great deal of stress and uncertainty, and there still will be as we navigate the inspections, the financial hoop-jumping, and the packing and moving that will come in the next few weeks. This is why you haven’t seen updates about my garden this year. This is why I haven’t had much time for crafting or gift-making lately. But I look forward to sharing all of that with you as we get established in our new home!

Would you please pray for my family as we make this transition? Please pray for the churches, both the one we are leaving and the one we’re joining. Please pray that all of the legal and financial steps are completed smoothly. Most importantly, please pray that God is glorified in our work at our new church and in the work of the new minister who will be selected to replace Jay here. THANK YOU!

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4 responses to “NOW I can tell you!

  1. Congratulations to you and your husband for this upcoming assignment! How nice you will have more of an “estate” with room to grow. Will you be able to have chickens? I love being rural…it’s quiet (no city noise) and noisy (crickets, frogs, train whistles, cattle mooing etc) at the same time. Plus you have a much better view for stargazing.

    Well no wonder your house sold so quickly! You did such a good fix up job! Is your new house move in ready? Do you need to relocate to another area of the country? Not too far away from family, I hope.


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