Technical Difficulties

Remember how I mentioned there is a lot going on right now? And how we are doing more renovations? And Vacation Bible School begins tonight? Well, my computer is about to give up the ghost and my husband’s brakes just did!

How amazing is this camel my friend Amy made for VBS?!?

Please don’t read this as a complaint! Life is very good right now, it’s just happening all at once. I’m typing from my phone, so at least I can show you how we transformed our family room into an office. Slowly but surely, we are getting there!

Before…a family room

After…an office

That’s new carpet in the office picture and Jay was up until 2 am one night (morning?) last week finishing the floor in the kids’ bathroom. I’m about to become “that mom” regarding wearing shoes in the house! But the updates are turning out well, so I’ll be a grateful mom any way you look at it.

I’ll be sure to post the Healthy Living Link Party on Wednesday, but please bear with me otherwise while I navigate this interesting period of my life. So…how old is your computer?

6 responses to “Technical Difficulties

  1. That is an amazing camel! It looks 3 dimensional but is that all just the magic of paint? Very nice, and save it for Christmas pageant, too. Our VBS is this week also with a farm theme here.

    Is your family room a separate room? I’ve never had a family room, ever, I guess. This house our kitchen, DR and living room all are open to each other and then to our added on 4 season room. Our TV is inside a cabinet in one of our shelves but that is closed unless we are using it. Where do you put your TV then? I was always under the impression that the family room was where the TV goes, though I guess they now go in every room.


    • The camel is 2D with a marvelous paint job. Amy is a very talented lady!

      We have a living room and a family room since our house was built before open concept became popular, so there are lots of places we could put the TV. We actually don’t watch it much, anyway, so it doesn’t matter.


  2. I’m absolutely anal about shoes coming off at the entryway. At my first apartment, people kept tracking mud onto the brand new beige carpet and I got tired of scrubbing the carpet. But now everyone knows, and it’s kind of nice, too!


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