Questioning Priorities

Today I’d like to introduce you to another friend named Amy. This Amy is a missionary and a nurse. She, her preacher husband Toby, and their three children served in Honduras for nearly two decades before a gang took over the community where they lived and they found themselves in the unthinkable position of having 24 hours to flee the country. After taking a furlough in the United States to regroup and seek God’s guidance, the family recently began a new ministry in the Dominican Republic.

But that’s not the point today.

Amy, her husband, and my husband all went to university together in Cincinnati, a city that’s been in the news a lot lately. You’ve probably heard by now that a silverback gorilla named Harambe was shot in order to protect a young boy who fell into the gorilla enclosure. There has been a lot of blame tossed around and the world seems filled with people who are suddenly both parenting experts and gorilla behavior specialists.

I think that knowing a little about Amy’s history and the reality of what she has witnessed as a mission nurse makes her a credible person to give a different perspective about the situation in Cincinnati. After seeing people who claim to follow Christ applauding death threats directed toward the mother of the boy who fell into the enclosure, Amy shared the following thoughts on her personal Facebook profile. They are reprinted here with her permission.

“As a missionary, I have seen some of the worst of human nature, situations, and living conditions. Some situations are so awful but it seems people don’t care or just don’t want to think about it. If Americans were as upset and vocal about child abuse, human trafficking, starvation, gangs, drugs… as they are about the situation at the Cincinnati Zoo this world would be changed dramatically into a much better place. When especially Christians call for endless consequences, rejoice in the consequences of a mom loosing track of her child momentarily, and would be happy for the death of the mom there is something wrong…very wrong. The Cincinnati Zoo will be making major changes I am sure. This situation will cause them to look intensively at what they can do to prevent this from ever happening again. The mother in this situation has and will be dramatically affected probably for a long time by what happened. Can those of you who are so emotionally affected by this event pour all those emotions and energy into doing something that will help make this work a better place? I can tell you from personal experiences the needs are overwhelming and there is much to be done.”

-Amy Hill

Please consider partnering with domestic or international missions and charities that work to end child abuse, human trafficking, starvation, gangs, and drugs. If you’re not sure where to start, Amy suggests that IJM (International Justice Mission) is a good organization to support.

Comments containing the names of of life-affirming, justice-supporting organizations that are addressing issues like child abuse, human trafficking, starvation, gangs, and drugs are welcome and encouraged. Because I am neither a parenting expert nor a gorilla behavior specialist, I will refrain from comment on the situation at the Cincinnati Zoo. I ask that you do the same. Thank you.

I moderate comments manually but will get them posted as quickly as possible. Please keep your comments kind and if you must disagree please do so without being disagreeable. Rude or inappropriate comments will obviously not be published.

Publication of a comment should not be interpreted as my endorsement of the comment, its author, or any organization.

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