Something to Smile About: Finishing Touches

It may be the Monday after a crazy-busy week and weekend, but I’m still smiling! I finally had the opportunity to pick out a few finishing touches for our recently-renovated kitchen and living room. Getting to pick out new decorative items was a rare treat and I enjoyed it very much!


White tab top curtains at A Chat Over CoffeeNew white tab-top curtains brought a clean, breezy finish to the living room. I like this picture because you can see the denim quilt I made a few years ago.

Sheer blue curtains at A Chat Over CoffeeThese sheer blue panels weren’t exactly what I had in mind to cover the blinds over the sliding glass door, but I think the final effect is rather dramatic. My daughter really loves these curtains.

Fireplace accessories at A Chat Over CoffeeAfter debating at length what I wanted to put in the metal vase on the fireplace hearth I finally settled on a tall bunch of green decorative grass. It added the height and texture I wanted along with a shot of color.

What little updates have you done to make your house a home?

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2 responses to “Something to Smile About: Finishing Touches

  1. I like white curtains. Very clean looking. The blue curtains with the palm tree makes me think of Florida.

    I am not much of a decorator, at least with any cohesive thought behind it. We pretty much stick with fresh paint and linoleum as needed, new area rugs when the old wear out…that kind of thing.


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