Something to Smile About

It may be Monday but I’m still smiling! Sundays are busy days in a minister’s household and our day was even busier than usual yesterday, so one would expect that I would be starting a new week by catching up on laundry and getting the house back in order…but I’m not. I will soon enough, but first I need to stop and remember some of my blessings and accomplishments from last week, and SMILE!

Counting blessings and finding something to smile about at A Chat Over Coffee

If you follow my Facebook page then you saw this picture…

Freshly baked yeast rolls by A Chat Over Coffee

Freshly baked yeast rolls by A Chat Over Coffee

…and a list of goodies I was working on during a long-overdue baking binge. It was the first time I’d had the opportunity to dedicate so much time to baking since we remodeled the kitchen and I had a BLAST. I mixed & shaped 4 dozen yeast rolls, baked one pan of rolls for lunch and laid out the rest of the dough on cookie sheets to freeze. I made Jay’s favorite brownies. Then I baked a cake and muffins to freeze. And at last I got the homemade vanilla extract bottled up and started a batch of homemade ginger ale and a new ginger bug.

Oatmeal-chocolate chip muffins on my grandmother's heirloom plate at A Chat Over Coffee

Oatmeal-chocolate chip muffins on my grandmother’s heirloom plate at A Chat Over Coffee

Having a freezer full of baked goods came in handy yesterday when we ended up having extra company over for Sunday Dinner. I had already thawed one of the turkeys I purchased on sale before Thanksgiving and was planning to serve mashed potatoes and green beans from the pantry, but I ended up thawing the muffins and a layer of cake and baking a few more yeast rolls. I was so pleased to be able to put a nice, big meal on the table with minimal fuss. Thank God for a stocked pantry and freezer!

Anticipating a trip to the beach at A Chat Over Coffee

Anticipating a trip to the beach at A Chat Over Coffee

I found a couple of little bargains this week and picked them up in anticipation of future need. My parents have generously invited my family, my sister’s family, and my exchange sister’s family to a week at the beach this summer. There will be fourteen of us staying in one large house, including a half-dozen teenagers (well, close enough to teenagers!), and I anticipate lots of noise and fun. I found this cute, beach-y scrapbook and the stamps for next-to-nothing and snapped them up so I can make an album of the many, many, many pictures and memories I know we’ll have from that trip.

A huge gift of scrapbook paper at A Chat Over Coffee

A huge gift of scrapbook paper at A Chat Over Coffee


One thing I didn’t buy for the scrapbook was paper. My mother-in-law is cleaning out her craft room and very generously let my sister-in-law, my daughter, and me go through a huge stack of scrapbook paper and take what we wanted. This is just my share! I had anticipated spending Saturday evening crafting, but I received a text from the church and ended up with other priorities, so I only managed to complete a few cards. The good news is that I made the four cards and two gift tags entirely from things I had on hand. The envelopes are standard No. 8 size, making them a very affordable option. I want to make a few more cards and maybe a couple of gift bags to complete this hockey-themed set.

Hockey cards by A Chat Over Coffee

Hockey cards by A Chat Over Coffee

Jay and I both spent time working in the yard this weekend. We have a huge front flower bed and we both attacked the weeds, trying to protect the many, many new perennials I planted last summer. I found most of the plants on the clearance rack at the local garden center. They were looking a little scraggly when I bought them but they perked up nicely by the end of last summer. Most of them are doing really well this year.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Every spring I look forward to my lilacs. This plant grew from a start given to me by a friend nearly 20 years ago. Lilacs always remind me of my maternal grandmother and I associate them with happy things, so it’s always lovely to see and smell them blooming in my yard.

Lilacs always remind me of my grandmother A Chat Over Coffee

Lilacs always remind me of my grandmother. | A Chat Over Coffee

What are you smiling about today?

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4 responses to “Something to Smile About

  1. Your plants look so lovely! We have been trying to reclaim the garden from the weeds too. I was so tickled today to see my roses already putting on flower buds. 🙂


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