Monday Fun-Day!

This Monday has been a fun day for me and I most certainly have several somethings to smile about. Maybe some of them will bring a smile to your face, too!

Monday is Fun-Day when you get things accomplished and find a deal or two! | A Chat Over Coffee

Monday is Fun-Day when you get things accomplished and find a deal or two! | A Chat Over Coffee

Spring has finally sprung her and we have enjoyed a bee-you-tee-ful day! I spent most of it running errands but at least I didn’t need the wipers or a rain coat. I got quite a bit done despite having my day broken up by driving my daughter and her friend to and from run club, which is unofficial, off-season cross country practice. It was the first really warm day in which the kids have had to run, and it sounds like they were feeling it. My daughter commented that she’ll have to refocus on her hydration and I think I need to make a big batch of homemade sports drink (Mater-Ade!) to help.

Homemade sports drink, known as "Mater-Ade" at our house, is a great alternative to commercial products. | A Chat Over Coffee

Homemade sports drink, known as “Mater-Ade” at our house, is a great alternative to commercial products. | A Chat Over Coffee

My daughter and her team put miles on their sneakers but my running was done in an automobile and included a trip to the thrift store. I found three tops and one pair of capris (with the store tags still on, yay!) for myself plus a bottle for my homemade ginger ale, a jar for my ranch dip mix, and a flannel sheet to back my next denim quilt. It was 25% off day, so I felt I did well!

I tried, and tweaked, a hummus recipe I found on the Healthy Living Link Party. I love hummus with garlic and tahini but I was out of tahini, so I used the link party recipe as a start and added LOTS of garlic while skipping the herbs. It turned out well and will make lots of healthy snacks over the next few days.

I also added A Cabin Full of Food: Filling your pantry, and using it to my Kindle library. The Kindle version is free as of the time of this post, but please check before you buy since prices can change at any time. (Update: Still free as of 10:00 am EDT on Friday, April 22, 2016, but please double-check before you buy!)

A Cabin Full of Food is available on Amazon

Tomorrow I intend to bottle up my homemade vanilla extract so it will be ready for Mother’s Day. I’ll have plenty to use myself and lots of bottles to give as gifts. I like to have bottles of homemade vanilla, jars of home-canned fruit preserves, tubs of vanilla sugar, and other kitchen delicacies on hand to give as gifts. Nothing says “thank you” like a treat from the kitchen!

If you’d like to try making homemade vanilla extract, Olive Nation is having a 20% off sale through April 20, 2016. Use coupon code “SAVE20” to save 20% on all products. With Olive Nation’s everyday free ground shipping in the continental U.S. on vanilla beans, this 20% off sale is a great opportunity to start making your own homemade vanilla. (Update: You can still get great vanilla beans at Olive Nation even though this sale has ended. I’ll let you know if I learn about any other sales on supplies for making homemade vanilla.)

My homemade vanilla extract is almost ready to bottle up! | A Chat Over Coffee

My homemade vanilla extract is almost ready to bottle up! | A Chat Over Coffee

Even though it seems everyone wants to complain about Mondays, mine ended up being busy but pretty good! It’s fun to get things accomplished and find a deal or two. How was your Monday?

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5 responses to “Monday Fun-Day!

  1. My Monday was nice, thank you. The weather here was very warm, at mid 70’s, lots of sunshine. That was the third day in a row of such and it really brought out the spring flowers and tree buds. Today was back to 40. Oh well. Patience is a virtue ,right?

    Let’s see…I worked all day at school, had a lunchtime meeting (I pack my lunch and snacks everyday) and dessert was provided–snickerdoodles, fresh baked that am by the home Ec class. I came home to a counter full of groceries as youngest Olivia had made the trip to the farther away much larger grocery that I do not enjoy visiting, but she’s doing a week at the school near to it. So with my list she stocked up on bulk, organic, vegetarian …which my smaller grocer does not carry. We made fake Noodles penne rosa for dinner with salad and garlic bread. We packed up dessert ( brownies and some left over Easter candy) and drink cooler with ice water and sent husband off to his future brother in laws house. It’s a major top to bottom DIY over haul so it is ready for my husband’s sister Susie to move in. The wedding is June 4. Susie, who is living next door with my oldest girl Eliana’s family as she had to move out of her apartment, brought over her wedding invitations and we 4 ladies worked on addressing those some more and had tea and brownies. Levi came home, cleaned up, we had
    evening devotions and then called it a day.


      • Thank you. The house will continue to be a work in progress, I am sure, for many more months. Kind of like Bernie himself :). He’s never been married, bought the house several years ago at a foreclosure sale and has been working on it ever since. The biggest part is over.. replacing the flat roof with a pitched roof. Now they are are turning the attached one car garage into living space. They will build out a detached garage/work shop area this summer. Everyday except Sunday he has at least one man from our inlaws, his family, church or work helping. The home will not be 100 percent ready, but it should be very livable on the inside, and they will continue to work on it after the wedding. At least it will be de-bachelorified ( know that’s not a word but…) and will have actual furniture and real windows (not tarps and plastic) . All the cosmetic finishes can be done over time.


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