Parents, Go Ahead and Brag a Little!

The Healthy Living Link Party will open at 8:00 PM EDT, but I wanted to go ahead share something that I posted earlier today on my Facebook page. I think it’s important that we encourage kids and families who excel rather than allowing jealousy or pettiness or “whatever” to cause us to behave badly. Dragging someone else, or their child, down will do nothing to uplift me, my child, or my family. It will, in fact, do quite the opposite.

Let's encourage parents and kids who pursue excellence! | A Chat Over Coffee

Let’s encourage parents and kids who pursue excellence! | A Chat Over Coffee

Now, parents (and grandparents), let’s please be sensitive with our brag posts. Our friends and family love to hear good news but probably don’t need to hear it several times a day, every day. If our (grand)kids are as great as we know they are, we can and should probably get the point across without being a pain on social media.

And if somebody you follow on social media is oversharing, may I suggest scrolling on by without comment, either on social media or to another friend elsewhere?

Let’s encourage excellence in our kids and their parents! If you want to comment here with a story about your amazing (grand)kid, please share! If you’d like to share a photo on my Facebook page or Twitter feed, I’d love to celebrate your child’s accomplishment with you. And if you’d like to point out a great parent, grandparent, coach, or teacher who has helped young people reach their potential, have at it!

I’ll start. There are three men at our church who have been particularly helpful and encouraging to my son as he has pursued university studies and started interviewing for internships. I am so grateful to them for their encouragement and advice!

Okay, your turn! Please tell me about your kids, or grandkids, or the adults who encourage them.

Update: This post was shared at Pretty Pintastic Party #106 and Home Matters #87.

I moderate comments manually but will get them posted as quickly as possible. Please keep your comments kind and if you must disagree please do so without being disagreeable. Rude or inappropriate comments will obviously not be published.


6 responses to “Parents, Go Ahead and Brag a Little!

  1. Ok, but first…what and who is a “Be like Bob” meme??
    So far no one I have asked here at work know’s what that means. I don’t use the Facebook or anything but email. The church and school are discussing getting a Facebook account for church (I am on this committee) for member/student/church and school family use only. We don’t encourage the use of the internet here, especially unsupervised for our youth. Computers are used here only in the Library, where I supervise, or in the computer lab that is also supervised. So there is much discussion going on re’ that.

    Tell more about your children!! I will write about mine when I have more time, tonight. I think it is horrid that someone would write something nasty or uncomplimentary about another person…like you said if they don’t like it or agree, why can they not skip past it? Do they have too much time on their hands??


    • Bob was a little stick man whose memes clogged up Facebook news feeds a few months ago. I can understand your school’s careful supervision of students’ computer use. Unfortunately, some people do have too much time on their hands and use it unproductively. The mother I mentioned has children who have worked hard and overcome incredible odds, so I am happy to cheer them on!


  2. Love this post and your reply! I’m a proud mom, grandmother and wife. I so enjoy hearing about good things going on in people’s lives and their relationships. There is enough negativity in the world already and I’d much rather read about and hear good things! 😉


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