A Sick Day Story about Homemade Ginger Ale and Soup

Some sort of bug, not of the ginger bug sort, has been going around and my daughter caught it. She started feeling “puny” (as Grandma would have said) on Saturday evening and felt worse on Sunday morning. She was supposed to play the piano for the worship team so she soldiered through before coming home and crashing. She remained crashed yesterday evening, had a negative reaction to some medication overnight, and has been “acting pitiful” (as my mother would call it) today.

Taking Care of Business

All mothers know that when one of your babies is sick, even if the baby isn’t a baby any more, you scrap your plans and take care of business. In this case that involved driving one of my daughter’s cross country teammates to run club without her and dashing out to the store for more tissues because she used up my stock. Needless to say, I filled that hole in my pantry pronto quick!

Homemade ginger ale soothes a temperamental tummy. | A Chat Over Coffee

Homemade ginger ale soothes a temperamental tummy. | A Chat Over Coffee

You may also remember that I had intended to make homemade ginger ale over the weekend to try out my ginger bug. I did make ginger ale. It is indeed more art than science. I need to practice the art. (Find the recipe here.)

That said, even though the homemade ginger ale didn’t fizz up as much as I’d hoped, it was still pretty tasty and my daughter has gone through half a bottle just today. She says it tastes good to her and helps settle her stomach. She’s also been pushing hot tea, orange juice, and plain old water in addition to the ginger ale. Now I’m replenishing the ginger bug in preparation for another, potentially fizzier, batch of ginger ale that will hopefully be enjoyed in good health.

And thank God for my pantry! There was no drama whatsoever about walking to the freezer to fetch some turkey meat and full-fat, high-octane turkey broth (although junk stock would have worked) to make a fresh batch of turkey noodle soup to soothe a sore throat, stuffy nose, and temperamental tummy. I seasoned the soup with crushed celery leaves that I dried and stashed away for just such a time. My daughter practically licked the bowl, which I consider to be a good sign!

Homemade turkey noodle soup served over mashed potatoes is the perfect comfort food for a sick day. | A Chat Over Coffee

Homemade turkey noodle soup served over mashed potatoes is the perfect comfort food for a sick day. | A Chat Over Coffee

Suggestions for Sick Days

All of this is to say that it pays to have some supplies around for sick days. Keep a package of cold medicine on hand, perhaps a box each of a couple of different kinds in case someone reacts badly to one type. (Thankfully I had that one covered.) Make sure your family members tell you when they grab the last box of tissues from the closet (ahem). Keep a reasonable supply of food in the pantry, or even more than seems reasonable in case you need to stay home on the day you were planning to do your grocery shopping. (!) And please do keep some gasoline in the car.

All of this may seem obvious to some, but others will remember late-night trips to the pharmacy or grocers, which are no fun! Far better to stash some supplies on a good day and be ready for the bad ones that are bound to come from time to time. Life has a funny way of happening while we’re busy making other plans!

The happy news is that my daughter has been able to get some rest today, the “other” meds are helping, and she’s perking up a bit this evening. Maybe it was the homemade ginger ale and soup…?

How do you handle sick days? Are there special treats or privileges that go along with being sick?

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8 responses to “A Sick Day Story about Homemade Ginger Ale and Soup

  1. I’m sorry your daughter is sick again. Seems to me she was sick towards the beginning of your blog. Is that when you invented your homemade gatortade?

    Fortunately we don’t get sick very often, even when the children were little. So I never had these mass illness episodes that so many others seem to have to endure. Except they all got the chicken pox at the same time though…all 5. The youngest was only 3 weeks.

    Hmm, privileges. Probably someone else, one or more, would do their chores for them. I’d have made what ever food or beverages they would eat.


  2. I hope your daughter is feeling better! I am sure the homemade ginger ale tasted much better than the store bought version


  3. I can use these tips today! I’ve caught “bug” from our lil daughter. Thank you so much for sharing this over at Healthy Living Link Party, I do appreciate you and you are an awesome host too! Pinned!


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