Home Improvement Update: Cabinet Doors

We’re in the middle of installing the kitchen cabinet doors and hardware as I type. I can’t wait to show you the whole kitchen! We’re getting so close but there are still so many things to finish; quarter round molding around the base boards, painting a few closet doors, filling holes and touch up painting on the base molding and cabinets, and other little jobs. Then I’ll finally get to hang some of my daughter’s art work.

I’m also hoping to refinish a light fixture. If it works out well I’ll let you know how I did it because it should represent a substantial savings vs. buying something new. If not, I’ll look for a great deal on a different fixture! (Yay, Ebates!)

The first cabinet door is finally installed! | A Chat Over Coffee

The first cabinet door is finally installed! | A Chat Over Coffee

Here’s a peek at a finished cabinet…the very first door we installed. Those are the hinges that caused so much drama by being back ordered. The knobs are brand new and we (meaning my father) had to drill the holes for them. Dad is in there working right this minute, so I need to get back to my carpenter’s assistant role while Jay is at the hardware store getting longer screws to install the drawer pulls. I’ll try to put some pictures of our progress on Facebook later today in case you’d like to see them.

While we’re working away here I’d love it if you’d hop over to the Healthy Living Link Party and to link up and/or enjoy some of the great articles and recipes. I’ve been so impressed with everyone’s contributions there. Have a great weekend!

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6 responses to “Home Improvement Update: Cabinet Doors

  1. They look very good, or it, since I only see one. Your cupboard doors look just like ours.. ours are white with gold-tone knobs but the hinges aren’t visible. My husband built the cupboards. Well they aren’t exactly the same as there is a middle flannel that raises back out. If my husband was here I’d ask his what the technical name is. He’s over at his sister’s new house …it is a DIY fixerupper and she is supposed to move in after the June wedding. Levi and the other 2 brother and brother In laws are all taking one night a week to help. They’ll get done .


      • Panel not flannel. I hope that was clear.

        Yes help is necessary and gratefully received. They decided to get married 2 months ago. This is the first marriage for each and they are both a bit older…late 30’s and mid 40’s. Bernie had just been going through life, working a job, working on this DIY house. At least the roof and siding got done thanks to the early spring and milder winter. It won’t be 100% done but what ever is?

        Susie found out that she’d have to move out of her apartment April so she is moving in next door with my oldest girl and her family until after the wedding . We’re only about 20 min to her job and it’d be an hour from her sisters.


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