How to Build a Snackadium (Snack Stadium)

A couple of “big games” ago I made a Snackadium for the small group that meets at our house. We watched the game and did Bible study during half time. It worked out beautifully! The Snackadium was a hit and I ended up posting a bunch of pictures on my personal Facebook page. Guess what popped up in my “memories” this week? So I thought I’d share the pictures and the how-tos in case you want to build your own Snackadium.

(Please forgive the quality of the pictures. These are just snapshots taken with a cell phone camera, and not a very good one at that.)


How to Build a Snackadium (Snack Stadium) | A Chat Over Coffee

How to Build a Snackadium (Snack Stadium) | A Chat Over Coffee


The idea came from a Pillsbury page that no longer exists. A similar DIY is available here. I found out later that my sister had done something similar the year before.



Here is the base of the Snackadium. I used a piece of foam core (about 20″ x 30″ but wished I’d had a larger piece) for the base and covered it with half of a brown plastic table cover. I used a 12 1/4 x 8 1/4 x 1 3/32 in cake pan for the field, six loaf pans for the stands, and four little plastic storage containers for the corners. The pans are loosely secured to the board, just enough not to slide around, with packing tape.



Here’s a close-up of one corner. The plastic storage containers worked nicely because after the game I just untaped them from the board, put the lids on, and stashed the leftovers in the fridge. This picture also shows how I trimmed the loaf pans into “stands.”



I built the walls from cereal treats, two 9×13 pans, with each pan cut into 20 pieces. I cut four across the long side of the pan and five across the end.


Toothpicks were necessary to hold the walls together. I’ll admit we had a couple of Jericho moments during the evening, but by that point we were eating and it didn’t matter.



Here’s a close-up of one wall. The assembly actually went pretty quickly.


Here are the completed walls.


It took 24 ounces of spinach dip to fill the field. I wimped out and purchased the spinach dip. What can I say, it was on sale?! Guac would have looked better but was more expensive, plus my husband prefers spinach dip.


I threw some parsley flakes on the dip to green it up a little. I didn’t want too much snow on the field.


I used homemade yogurt to put lines on the field. The piping is pretty lame, but you get the idea. Once the players were in place it was not an issue.


The goal posts were made of beef sticks (generic Slim Jims). I used a skewer for the center post, impaled the cross bar on top of the skewer, and attached the uprights with toothpicks. If you attempt this, use two toothpicks to attach each upright. If you don’t the beef sticks will rotate and you’ll end up with downrights.


I had hoped setting the bottom of the skewer into the foam core would hold the goals in place, but my foam core sheet was too thin. Muffins worked as a base. You’ll notice that I used tortilla chips in the end zone stands. Two of the corner containers held salsa, one contained mustard, the last was ketchup.


I made the players in advance. The bodies are cheese and the helmets are fruit snacks. I made the footballs from one of the leftover beef sticks. It’s all held together with toothpicks. I put toothpicks on the bottom of the players because I hoped to stab them through the pan into the foam core to hold them up.


The pan was sturdier than I thought, and the players were too tall anyway, so I pulled the toothpicks and started trimming.


My technical consultant (that would be Jay) helped me set up the offense and defense. I freely admit to being clueless in this department.


I think one of the Ravens looks a little tipsy…


Two of the six sets of “stands” were filled with double chocolate chip muffins. They are not pretty muffins, they never are, but they are moist and yummy. We enjoyed leftovers for breakfast.


I actually made homemade bread for the pigs in a blanket. They would have been cuter if I’d used cocktail weenies, but nobody complained about these.


Here is the completed Snackadium!


Had to get a “blimp shot.”

I hope you’ve enjoyed the behind-the-scenes tour of my Snackadium and maybe you were able to get some ideas for your own football snack setup, either for the big game or perhaps for an end-of-season celebration for your child’s team. Are you planning to watch the game (or the commercials) on Sunday evening? What are your favorite game day snacks?

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