Quick and Creamy Fruit Salad

Have you ever rediscovered a recipe? When my children were smaller I would make Quick & Creamy Fruit Salad often. My mother taught me the recipe so long ago that I don’t remember when it actually was. It was one of those dishes she’d whip up when she needed to stretch a meal or try to convince two little girls to eat fruit instead of cookies for dessert.

I made Quick & Creamy Fruit Salad fairly regularly when my children were little. It was brainless to make in the few moments when the kids weren’t getting into mischief and they liked the sweet creaminess of it. I liked that it contained fruit. I was less concerned than I am today about what might be in the box of instant pudding. Good times!

Now I’m trying to eat more real food and less boxed, processed stuff. My teenagers are pretty good about eating fruit and veggies. When I make a dessert, I go all out and make a dessert. So this recipe was somewhat forgotten.

Then we started doing home improvements and my kitchen became less than suitable for cooking. I needed food that was quick, easy, tasty, and preferably made from stuff I had in the pantry so I didn’t have to run to the grocery store in my paint-covered clothes. My brain frantically sifted through its archives and, low and behold, recalled this recipe! Desperate times make allowances for processed food, which in my opinion is cheaper and probably still better for us than fast food carry-out. And yes, I do keep it in the pantry for these occasions when life happens.

Quick & Creamy Fruit Salad is an easy last-minute treat made from shelf-stable pantry staples. | A Chat Over Coffee

Quick & Creamy Fruit Salad is an easy last-minute treat made from shelf-stable pantry staples. | A Chat Over Coffee

So in case you might encounter desperate times, last minute company, or “one of those evenings” when you need to get food on the table NOW, here is the recipe.

Quick & Easy Fruit Salad

from A Chat Over Coffee

What You’ll Need:

  • 5 cans of fruit, about 15 ounces per can, give or take. I used peaches, pears, Mandarin oranges, pineapple chunks, and chunky mixed fruit. Use what you like or whatever you have in the pantry.
  • A 3.4-ounce (4 serving) box of vanilla or banana instant pudding mix.

What To Do:

  1. Drain the juice from two of the cans of fruit. Empty the fruit into a large bowl. Save the drained-off juice in a glass jar with a lid and let your children drink it (perhaps cut in half with water if it’s too sweet) at snack time.

    Grab some canned fruit from the pantry to make Quick & Creamy Fruit Salad. | A Chat Over Coffee

    Grab some canned fruit from the pantry to make Quick & Creamy Fruit Salad. | A Chat Over Coffee

  2. Empty the other three cans of fruit and juice into the bowl. I kept the juice from the peaches, Mandarin oranges, and pineapple in my fruit salad.

    The secret ingredient for quick and creamy fruit salad from A Chat Over Coffee

    A box of vanilla instant pudding is what makes it Quick & Creamy! | A Chat Over Coffee

  3. Dump the box of pudding mix in the bowl with the fruit.
  4. Mix it up.

    Pull a few ingredients from your pantry shelf and you'll have Quick & Creamy Fruit Salad in no time! | A Chat Over Coffee

    Pull a few ingredients from your pantry shelf and you’ll have Quick & Creamy Fruit Salad in no time! | A Chat Over Coffee

  5. Put the fruit salad in the refrigerator until it gets cool and the juice thickens.

Serve your Quick & Creamy Fruit Salad for snack time, with a meal, or as a healthier dessert option. If you need a main dish to serve with Quick & Creamy Fruit Salad, why not whip up some Bean-Zing?

Do you have any “forgotten” recipes?

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15 responses to “Quick and Creamy Fruit Salad

  1. Leigh I love this. What a darned simple yet delicious idea! My forgotten recipe is one dragged out on the weekend, croque Monsieur. A toasted ham and cheese sandwich with a cheesy mustardy bechamel and more grated cheese on the top slice, grilled till bubbly golden. A feast!


  2. Mimi, that brings back memories! I remember making Croque Monsieur in my high school French class but don’t believe I’ve made it since. There is a regional dish called Kentucky Hot Brown that I’ve had since then. Hot Brown is a toasted, open-faced ham & turkey sandwich with loads of cheese sauce, but I haven’t had that in years, either. Thanks for sharing your memory and for jogging mine!


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  4. Your quick and easy fruit salad sounds delicious! And oh my, does it ever look refreshing 🙂

    Thank you for sharing with Roses of Inspiration. It’s truly a joy to have you at the party. Have a wonderful week. Hugs!


  5. We make a winter fruit salad too but with a yogurt base. It’s great for a crowd. Use 2 quarts plain or vanilla or I guess other flavors if you want. Add cans of mandarins oranges, chopped up canned peaches and pears, pineapple chunks, pomegranate seeds, sliced bananas as long as they are firm and not too ripe. We put out of bowl of coconut flakes and shivered almonds for topping.


  6. Good evening! This sounds so easy and very delicious! Thank you for sharing on the Art of Home-Making Mondays at Strangers & Pilgrims on Earth. Our latest resurrected recipe is the 5 layer delight where you do the pie crust following by a cream cheese mixture, then pudding and then whipped cream… I think it was big in the 80’s 🙂


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