(Nearly) Free Giant Dice DIY

I shared this DIY over the summer but it might also be a great activity if you are snowed in. You’ll have a fun craft project that the kids can help complete, then a new game to play when you’re done. Home educators and teachers could have a field day with this project!

If you are in the blizzard area, please take care and stay safe!

A Chat Over Coffee

I saw this really cool DIY over at Momtastic for making a giant set of Yahtzee dice. I remember playing Yahtzee with my cousins when we were kids. Good times! I thought about how awesome it would be to make a set of giant dice for my family. I thought about how much fun it would be for deck parties. I thought about how my teenagers would love it. And I thought about what it would cost to purchase the materials and the wood burning set to make it.

To be clear, if I had the funds available and had a wood burning set and the skill to use it, I’d make one of those awesome dice sets in a heartbeat. But I don’t and I don’t. And maybe some of you don’t, either. So I started thinking about how I might make a set of giant dice for…

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