A Quick Update…


Enjoy the excitement of seeing paint dry! (A little joke!) The walls look almost white from a distance, but next to the white cabinets you can see the difference.

I keep sharing home improvement updates because I received inspiration and encouragement for our project from seeing what other families did to make their homes better. Learning about other projects allowed Jay & me to make informed decisions about what we could afford to do, what we could tackle ourselves (or with the help of friends & family), and what jobs will require hiring someone.

This is not the first house in which we’ve made improvements and each project taught us something. That’s one of the great things about DIY; doing it yourself means you learn a new skill or improve upon an old one, and those skills not only serve in your home but also allow you to bless others with help or earn money to fund your next project. Jay & I have done enough painting over the years that we got ourselves hired for a “side job” painting project and were able to use what we earned to help buy paint for our house.
I am just far enough ahead of Dad in our door-painting assembly line to give you a quick update from my phone, so please forgive me if this post lacks polish. It took three coats of paint for the cabinets in the kitchen and we’re still working on the necessary three coats, front and back, for the doors. Jay is trying to match hinges so we can switch to silver hardware. We’ll also be adding knobs, something we didn’t have before.

My kitchen has been nonfunctional since it’s a work zone, so we set up the microwave, slow cooker/crock pot, and coffee maker (priorities!) in the family room. Mom has been the head “cook” and I’ve assisted when I wasn’t painting. The closest thing we had to carry-out was a couple of pizzas I found on clearance at the grocery store and was able to bake beneath the drop cloths. So far, so good.

Pictures are on Facebook since that’s the easiest and that’s where I’ll continue to share them until we get to a point where I can put a proper summary here. Thanks for following along and bearing with me. I hope you’re encouraged to tackle your own DIY project and maybe learn a new skill.

What new skill would you like to learn?

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2 responses to “A Quick Update…

  1. I am looking forward to seeing the pictures of your remodeling here, as soon as you are able to post.

    We’ve only ever undertaken a major remodeling project during summer months, so we could cook outside if necessary. Our last project was 2 years ago when we added a 4 seasons room.

    We’re able to do most work ourselves and with family help. My husband is a woodworker…he runs his own shop, but he is very handy at anything he sets his mind to.

    What new skill would I like to learn as regards home remodeling? Can’t think of anything. It’s not really my area of interest. I used to do my share, as needed, but with my RA things like painting, sanding, climbing, hammering etc are becoming all too difficult. I work to keep the helpers fed….that’s my area.


    • Having somebody to manage meals is a huge help, especially when the kitchen is part of the remodel. Knowing how to feed the workers from less-than-ideal food prep facilities is a skill that can absolutely be used to bless family & friends. I’m sorry to hear that your RA has limited your activities but it sounds like you’ve found your niche to help things get done! (And yes, I’m typing on my phone again.)


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