Something to Smile About (another home improvement update)

We’re still living in a construction zone here but we’re making progress, and by “progress” I mean we’re getting ready to tear up something else!

The living room, kitchen, and fireplace are painted. The powder room has a new ceiling (to repair a former owner’s horrible drywall job) and new textured, painted wallpaper.

bathroom before

Here is the bathroom before we did much work. The old base molding is removed but the ugly wallpaper and floor are still there.

bathroom walls

Here is an intermediate bathroom picture. It’s not much to see until you compare it with “before” and notice that the awful wallpaper has disappeared! I can’t wait until we get the floors done and new molding installed!

All of this mess is for a purpose. You may remember that Jay & I picked up some side jobs to earn the money to (finally!) update our house. Everything we’ve done is paid for. We intend to cash flow the work as we do it and do much of the work ourselves or with the help of family. (My father, like his father before him, loves a good project!)

Now it’s time to paint the kitchen cabinets! My parents are coming over once again to help. I am about to run out to get another armload of drop cloths to protect my kitchen surfaces and a few fresh groceries we can use to supplement what we’ll be cooking in the slow cooker/crock pot and rice cooker while the kitchen cabinets are torn up and the counter is covered. Below-freezing wind chills mean we won’t be using our outdoor grill. Our goal is to do this work as economically as possible, and eating a bunch of restaurant meals won’t help. Mom is bringing over some of her homemade chili soup and I am in charge of loading the slow cooker. We’ll use disposable table service and it’ll still be way cheaper than carry-out.

As I’ve mentioned before, it’s quicker and easier to update Facebook from my phone than to edit blog posts, so I’ll be in touch there more than here until my kitchen is functioning once again. Thanks for following along through this process!

What are your favorite “kitchenless” meals to make at home? I could use your suggestions!

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