Home Improvement Update

I would love to have a nice, long chat with you and share how excited I am about our progress on our home improvement goals, but I can’t. My house is a wreck and I’m too tired from working on the home improvement goals!

My desk and the kitchen counters are still mostly usable, although I do have a banjo laying on my printer with the neck extended just below my computer screen. The larger pieces of living room furniture are huddled beneath a shroud of drop cloths in the middle of the room. The piano has been moved for the first time in 12 years and is also draped for protection. New flooring, several pails of paint, paint rollers and brushes, wallpaper, and wallpapering supplies have taken over most of the kitchen.

A Home Improvement Update by A Chat Over Coffee

I’m not only sharing the color of the primer I used on the fireplace but also proving that I was the one doing the priming! If it turns out well I’ll share how-tos on the blog. | A Chat Over Coffee

My project today was to clean and prime the fireplace so I can get it painted tomorrow. If it turns out well I’ll share the how-tos here on the blog in case you have a fireplace that needs a little freshening up.

I am so thankful for the extra work that made it easier to afford these home improvements and that my father, son, and daughter have been willing and able to help Jay & me DIY. I’m also grateful that my mother has helped me stay sane in the midst of the chaos. Life is good, friends, and I’ll be so excited to share before and after pictures once it’s done!

Have you made progress on any of your New Year’s goals?

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