Why (and How) I Bought My New Floors Online

We’re going to start painting the living room and kitchen on Thursday, which means my husband started patching and prepping the walls yesterday evening, which means my house is a wreck right now. But I want to tell you about buying the flooring and how we saved some money and some hassle on the purchase in case you might be planning a home improvement project this year, too.

Jay & I sent the kids to see Grandma & Grandpa and went on a shopping date. We visited three home improvement stores and took one pause at a fast-food restaurant (Yay for gift cards!) to regroup over lunch. We finally found the flooring we wanted at the price we wanted at store number three.

While we were standing in the aisle, I logged on to Ebates and clicked through to the store’s web site, knowing that anything I ordered on the web would give me a percentage cash back. Every little bit helps and this was going to be a big order! Not only did the store web site have the product we wanted, it was cheaper online! (Yay for technology!)

floor sample

Old, stained, ugly carpet will soon be replaced by new, clean, updated floors! | A Chat Over Coffee

After consulting the list of measurements we brought along, I ordered the flooring and other necessaries for installation through the web site and selected in-store pickup as the delivery option (Yay for no shipping fee!). Guess where I said I’d pick it up? Yep, the store in which I was standing.

My order was processed and confirmed. I was instructed to wait for an email that my order was ready to pick up, which was projected to take less than two hours. Perfect! Jay & I went and did something else, then returned when we got our notification that the order was ready.

When we got back to the store our huge order of flooring and supplies was neatly bundled onto a pallet. A store associate used a pallet jack to haul everything to the curb for us and then helped us load it into our vehicles. (Yay for help with heavy loads!) We thanked him, drove home, and unloaded umpteen boxes, depositing them where they now rest in front of the fireplace

Yay for Ebates! Not only did we get cash back, but we also got our order pulled together and hauled to the curb for us. We used the order processing time doing something else and saved our backs that much lifting. (Last time I checked, they don’t let customers use the pallet jacks.)

You can join Ebates here. There’s no fee to participate and you’ll receive a quarterly check for whatever cash back you’ve earned. I frequently use Ebates with in-store pickup to save time and get cash back on routine purchases. I hope you like it as much as I do!

Where do you find the best deals online?

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9 responses to “Why (and How) I Bought My New Floors Online

  1. I use Amazon’s website, that’s one. I find used books there also for the library especially if they’re older or out of print. I do use Christian Book Distributors to order new books at work and for personal use and gifts. I get emails so I usually order during promotions for free shipping and sales combined. The items I order for work will be tax exempt.

    My husband searches websites more looking for woods, hardware, tools that can be utilized in his jobs.

    I use Lands End for clothes such as shirts for my husband and sons. I found my long down coat there years ago. I also buy their winter tights. Twice I have purchased shoes from Amazon and Zulily when I got an email about the type I wear.


  2. I forgot I order from Demco the library supply company. But really with CBD and Demco I use the catalogs I get in the mail and call in my order. I prefer to speak with a real person, ask questions. I like to ask them also for any freebies they can supply that I can use for prizes in the summer reading program. I’ve received tote bags, a heart shaped post it dispenser, coloring books for example.

    For my oldest son’s wedding 2years ago I ordered all new white dress shirts for my sons, son in law and husband from Amazon. We need banded shirts rather than collared. The ones I found were 40% off plus free shipping.


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