Neat Stuff I Found!

It's fun to share DIY projects and helpful suggestions!

It’s fun to share DIY projects and helpful suggestions!

I really appreciate your support for the How to Budget series and hope you’re finding it helpful, but today I want to just kick back and share some fun things I found. I usually share articles or neat stuff like this on my Facebook and Twitter, so I’d be delighted if you’d Like or Follow me there and share the neat things you find!

Star Wars Snowflakes

My husband and I were kids when the first “Star Wars” movies came out and he is still a huge fan of the galaxy far, far away. He gave me his Yoda action figure when we were first married. He’s let me keep it for all these years…obviously this is true love! Click here to get patterns for some amazing “Star Wars” Snowflakes with the classic characters. Christmas is coming. The next “Star Wars” movie is opening soon. Perfect timing!

The Power of $3 a Day

Ever wondered what your daily coffee really costs? What if you skipped it? Or used coupons a little more often? Or made a small, $3-per-day change in your lifestyle? Click here to find out! Think you just can’t save money? Who knew that $3 per day could make such a difference?

How to Sew Felted Slippers

I’ll admit it. I have cold feet. all. the. time. Felted slippers sound wonderful! The fact that they’re made from upcycled clothes is even better. I am so tempted to run out to the thrift store as soon as I publish this post to find a wool sweater to felt and make some of these slippers. The pattern is here. Anybody want a pair of these for Christmas? (Me! Me!)

Have you found any neat crafts, budget hints, or DIY gift ideas? Please share them!

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