Show Up and Do Your Best

May I be “real” with you for a moment? On days like today I am thankful for a well-stocked pantry and a generally ordered life.

My daughter started showing signs of having what her voice teacher calls “the yucks” the day before her Conference cross country meet. My runner girl took extra naps, drank lots of orange juice and Mater-ade (homemade sports drink), and thought she felt well enough to run. She wanted to show up for her team.

"Mater-ade" helps...

“Mater-ade” helps…

It was a sunny day but a cold one. Her father and I almost pulled her after warm-ups because we could tell she felt yucky…but she wanted to run. Her team has been plagued by injury this entire season and she didn’t want to “cop out” on them. Three of her teammates ended up earning All Conference honors, one on first team and two on second team, which was wonderful! But my daughter, who had no illusion of placing that high even on a good day, wanted to try to turn in a decent time to support the top runners. She later told me she felt like she could have stopped at any point during the race and taken a nap on the course.

It wasn’t pretty.

She finished as the last member of her team to cross the finish line. She put on a brave face and was there to cheer for the boys team as they ran and to applaud the All Conference winners. Then she came home and crashed. She got up and played the piano for worship services on Sunday morning because she knew that missing would create hardship for the rest of the worship team. She came home afterward and crashed again.

She showed up for her teams. She did her best for them. I am so proud of her.

Sometimes a comfort drink helps as much as comfort food.

Sometimes a comfort drink helps as much as comfort food.

The good news is that she’s perking a little today. She and I pulled a bag of frou-frou coffee out of my “secret stash” at the back of the pantry because she says the caffeine helps. She’s alternating that with the Mater-ade and OJ. We hope she’ll be feeling much better tomorrow because her District meet is on Saturday. She has no illusions of earning a place in the Regional meet but hopes to run to support her teammates who will have a good opportunity to advance.

What a great attitude!

This tomato plant just showed up this year but has overtaken one of the shrubs growing outside of our church building.

This tomato plant just showed up this year but has overtaken one of the shrubs growing outside of our church building.

I also want to share a photo my husband took of a volunteer tomato plant that showed up in front of our church building this summer. The plant has overgrown a thorny shrub, hardly a hospitable place to produce fruit, and has given the congregation bags and bags of the sweetest little gumball-sized tomatoes. One lady says they even taste like candy. They are good!

The plant just showed up and did what it’s supposed to do; grow and produce fruit.

I could learn a lot from my daughter and that tomato plant. Sometimes it’s hard to get out of bed and face whatever the day may hold. Even if there’s nothing truly horrible on the horizon, the monotony of everyday-ness can wear me down. Does that ever happen to you?

Romans 12:12 (HCSB) says, “Rejoice in hope; be patient in affliction; be persistent in prayer.” So today I’m rejoicing that I saved some of the seeds from that tomato plant and hoping that I’ll have more sweet tomatoes to enjoy next year. I’m patiently waiting (okay, not so patiently, but trying!) for my daughter to get well. And I’m praying that I’ll show up, do my best, grow, and produce fruit even when I don’t feel great or the situation gets thorny.

In what areas are you hoping to “Show Up” this week?

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