Something to Smile About

Growing food from

Growing food from “junk” makes me smile.

My family is in a busy season right now that will last for a couple more weeks. Then we’ll have a week or two to catch our breath before we begin the really busy season that includes Thanksgiving and Christmas. When things get hectic I start to feel like life is out of control…and I really hate that! I choose to combat the stress by reminding myself of the many, many things I can smile about. Today I’d like to share some of those good things with you!

I'm bringing the

I’m bringing the “junk garden” indoors for the winter!

Bringing the Junk Garden Indoors

Can you see them? Can you see the tiny roots growing from the end of the celery? Here’s a closer look.

Look at those beautiful celery roots!

Look at those beautiful celery roots!

I used to toss the end of the celery but I recently learned how to plant it and grow even more celery. Two could-have-been-tossed celery ends provided me with lots of celery to eat over the summer and lots of celery leaves for lots of junk stock, too. But my outdoor growing season is ending, so I thought I’d grow some winter celery in front of my southwest-facing sliding glass door. I have a big pot that held petunias over the summer, so that should do nicely.

To start my celery I just saved the heart from some store-bought celery and stuck it in a cute vintage canning jar I found at a thrift store over the summer, then added enough water to cover the base of the stalk. It looked really sweet on my kitchen window sill while those little roots were growing. Soon I’ll be removing the spent petunias from the pot and bringing it indoors to plant my celery. I can’t wait!

A Sewing Project to Try

There is a cute fabric tea set pattern that is available free today (October 12, 2015) over at Craftsy. I pinned it to my “Stuff I Might Like to Sew” Pinterest board. (Follow me on Pinterest here.) My daughter is too old for one but the set is so stinking cute that I still want to make it. It might make a cute decoration for Mother’s Day brunch or a Ladies’ Day. It just makes me smile to look at it!

Can you see those happy little yeast bubbles in the bread? We'll have grilled cheese made with homemade bread and homemade Velveeta for supper!

Can you see those happy little yeast bubbles in the bread? We’ll have grilled cheese made with homemade bread and homemade Velveeta for supper!

Bread and Cheese (and a V.I.P.)

I have bread in the oven literally as I type these words. Laura over at Heavenly Homemakers shared a Stir-and-Pour Bread recipe that I had to try. Nope, I couldn’t even wait for the next “I Tried It: Pinterest Recipes” series…something I hope to start later this week. So I stirred and poured and the bread is in the oven. I’ll let you know how it turns out!

While I was in the kitchen I also made a batch of Homemade Velveeta because my son is coming home from university on fall break and he wants me to make some cheeseburger soup. This also happens to be my daughter’s favorite soup, so I am happy to oblige them both. Did I mention that my son is coming home? This goes beyond “smile” into “grinning ear-to-ear territory” for sure!

something to smile about

My Runner Girl

My father took the photo of my daughter, my runner girl, competing in her cross country meet on Saturday. It was a smaller meet and a small field of competitors in her division, but the reason she is alone in the picture is that she won her race! This is a big accomplishment for her so we were all very excited and happy and of course Jay and I (and her grandparents, who were all there to watch) were beyond proud.

So yes, even while things are crazy and chaotic I am still smiling…and with good reason! God is good all the time and I don’t want to forget to count my many, many blessings! I’ll try to get going on the new Pinterest recipes series this week and I’ll keep you posted on how the bread comes out of the oven.

Meanwhile, please leave a comment and tell me what you’re smiling about today!

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