Garden Update

I can't believe it's already October!

I can’t believe it’s already October!

It’s October 1 and it feels like it. We’re having an autumn day, but not the kind one photographs and posts on social media. It’s overcast and gray and windy and threatening rain. The weather is more suited to Halloween than harvest.

But harvest is what I did, at least a little bit. I picked the last pumpkin and brought it in to adorn my hearth. This one we’ll keep as a decoration until we cut it open and toast pumpkin seeds at the end of the month. I also picked a few tomatoes. There are more yet to ripen so I’ll leave the plants a while longer.

Our cucumbers are done except for the volunteer plant that decided it liked the warmth of the ground near the dryer vent. The volunteer has blossoms and it even looks like small cucumbers are trying to develop. I’ll leave that plant as long as weather allows if for no other reason than I’m curious to see if it will actually produce anything.

I need to get out and put the flower beds to rest for the winter. The butterfly bush is done. The black-eyed Susans have gone to seed. Everything else is looking well past prime. Time for a final weeding and pruning so it will be tidy before the snow flies.

My daughter’s voice teacher says she starts praying for snow on October 1, so if her prayers are answered then the snow could fly sooner rather than later. The weather forecasters are predicting a hard winter for us, which means my other outdoor project will be checking our supply of ice melting products for the driveway and stocking up appropriately.

But first I will combat this gloomy chill with a warm cup of coffee, over which I will peruse my recipes to select something to bake. Having the oven going warms up the house, or at least the kitchen, and the smell of something yummy baking always lifts my spirits. And I’m plotting ways to bring my gardening inside over the winter. I’ve actually already started. More to come!

What’s the status of your garden?

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