Happy National Coffee Day!

National Coffee Day

Happy National Coffee Day from A Chat Over Coffee!

A quick online search will reveal many businesses that are offering free or inexpensive coffee to celebrate. I chose to start my day with my favorite home brew in my favorite mug, with real sugar and half & half, thank you very much.

If you want to try something fancier but still homemade, may I suggest a Vanilla-Mocha Iced Coffee?

And since I just shared some Free Printable Gift Certificates, I’ll mention that a standing once-a-week coffee date, either at home or at a coffee shop, might be a nice gift of time.

Enjoy your day! By the way, how do you take your coffee?

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8 responses to “Happy National Coffee Day!

  1. Hmm, I didn’t hear about any coffee specials. My husband makes a pot of coffee every morning…we use a percolator on the stove. We have a cup with breakfast and then he pours the rest into a thermos and takes it out to his workshop. I’ll have another cup or two when I get to work…there is always coffee in the employee lounge.

    We both drink our coffee with milk or cream.

    I drink a lot of tea, too, 3-4 cups a day, from Fall to Spring to warm up .

    My oldest girl worked as a barista all through college and grad school. She has one of those little espresso makers and she froths milk too, at home now.

    So, how do you make your coffee? Percolator? Mr. Coffee type contraption? Keurig?


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