Abundant Life

What does it mean to live an Abundant Life?

What does it mean to live an Abundant Life?

How do you define abundance?

In the U.S. we tend to define abundance in terms of financial wealth and many would say it means “having more than I need” or something similar.

How do you define a “need” as opposed to a “want” and how do you know your “needs” are met?

My husband is preaching a sermon series on living an “Abundant Life” and he’s asking our congregation to think about what it means to have abundance, why God gives us abundance, and what our responsibilities might be with regards to the blessings God provides.

And by the way, Jay is not just preaching about financial abundance.

So today I encourage you to think about your blessings, go ahead and count them, and list the areas where you have abundance. Do you have more time (or flexibility in your schedule) than others? More skills? More wealth?

Why do you think the Lord has entrusted that particular type of abundance to you? What do you think He expects you to do with it? How do you think He’ll react if you mismanage the abundance He has provided? Some possible responses are recorded in Matthew 25.

In what areas do you have abundance?

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2 responses to “Abundant Life

  1. I’ve always felt so grateful for all the day of good health I’ve had. I have never gone hungry or without shelter. God has always put very special people in my life. I don’t even know how to express my thankfulness.


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