I Tried It: Pinterest Recipes – Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

Bacon and chicken and cheese. Oh, my! This recipe went over brilliantly with my husband and daughter, and it was easy, albeit a little messy, to make. This Winner Winner Chicken Dinner recipe from Modern Mother Cubbard is indeed a winner.

Bacon and chicken and cheese. Oh, my! It's a Winner of a Dinner.

Bacon and chicken and cheese. Oh, my! It’s a Winner of a Dinner.

Of course I had to make substitutions. I’m just that way. I used an ounce of straight-up cream cheese for each portion but agree with the recipe suggestion that chive & onion would probably be delicious.

I also skipped the jalapenos, mainly because I didn’t have any on hand. Jay would’ve loved them. If I do use jalapenos in the future I’ll probably dice them up and mix them with the cheese before spreading it on the chicken.

There was no Zesty Italian Dressing in the fridge. I am making more and more of my own dressings these days and hadn’t made Italian recently. I did, however, have an open bottle of balsamic vinaigrette that worked nicely to coat the chicken. And you’ll notice I said “coat” and not “marinate” the chicken. Oops!

By the time I was done assembling the chicken, cheese, and bacon I had a huge mess on my counter. Not a huge deal and not hard to clean up if you had some clear counter space to start with, which I did, and didn’t splatter chicken juice and vinaigrette all over everything else, which I didn’t. Just keep the antibacterial wipes or a spray bottle of dilute bleach solution handy and you’ll be set.

I also sliced one large chicken breast horizontally to make two thinner pieces before I assembled the portions, which still made big servings but kept the cooking time reasonable. It took about 55 minutes for mine to took, a bit longer than the 45 minutes listed in the recipe. Meat thermometers are wonderful!

chicken dinner ready for oven

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner ready for the oven

And by the way…did you notice the cast iron skillet. Love me some cast iron. Got it at a yard sale. Food is so much better when you cook in cast iron. Especially bacon. Yum.

This recipe is not very frugal by my standards because it requires a pound of meat, four ounces of cream cheese, and at least four strips of bacon to serve four people, but if you’re looking for something special to serve for your husband’s birthday supper, this would be a great option and probably less expensive than steak.

It's time to eat!

It’s time to eat!

And watch the sales! Chicken breast and bacon show up in regular sale rotation in my area, so I simply pulled both meats, which were purchased on sale, out of my freezer and thawed them before cooking. The other ingredients, except the jalapenos, were things I tend to keep around the kitchen. I love recipes that feel special but use ingredients I have on hand!

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