I Tried It: Pinterest Recipes – Homemade Goldfish Crackers

homemade goldfish crackers

It’s Day 3 of the “I Tried It: Pinterst Recipes” series and this is a good one! I seem to be drawn to kid-pleasing recipes even though my baby is a teenager. What can I say? I guess I’m still a kid at heart myself! But seriously, you must try these Homemade Goldfish Crackers I pinned from Modern Mother Cubbard. They don’t look like the little fish-shaped crackers we all know and love, but boy, are they tasty!

Confession: After I pulled the tray of crackers out of the oven and cut them I put them on the cooling rack, as instructed, to cool and crisp up. They smelled so good that I just had to try one. So I pulled one of the wonky-shaped ones from the edge and popped it in my mouth. Hmmmmmm. Then I had another. And another. And another. Then I decided I’d better put a few on a plate and deliver them to my husband and daughter to sample right away so I’d be sure they got to try them! These crackers are that good!

And by the way, both Jay and our daughter loved the crackers, even if they don’t smile back like the ones in the commercials!

A few notes about making the crackers…

Everything goes in the food processor. Easy!

Everything goes in the food processor. Easy!

I love that everything just gets dumped in the food processor. How easy is that? I pulsed it to get the butter broken up and then turned the food processor on “high” and let it do its thing, stopping the instant the dough held together in a ball. The dough was still cool and I rolled it out right away.

I rolled out the entire batch of dough on a sheet of waxed paper. I struggle with pie crust sticking to my rolling pin despite it being marble, and I struggled with getting the crackers rolled thin enough without sticking. I persevered!

crackers rolled out

They look wonky but they taste great!

As suggested in the recipe, I scored the crackers before baking. I considered using a ruler to make them even but thought that would be a bit excessive. After I saw how uneven they looked I kind of wished I had used the ruler! But oh, well. They tasted fine.

After the crackers came out of the oven I did let them cool on the rack…and sampled a few. So. Good.

My husband and I decided these crackers would be amazing this winter with a bowl of homemade creamy tomato soup. It will be a small consolation for having to give up summer.

Please try these wonderful crackers. Enjoy them. And maybe share a few…maybe…

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