I Tried It: Pinterest Recipes – Easy Whole Wheat Muffins

These muffins call for basic pantry ingredients.

These muffins call for basic pantry ingredients.

For the second “I Tried It: Pinterest Recipes” experiment I tried the Easy Whole Wheat Muffins pinned from Money Saving Mom. This one received mixed reviews at my house. I thought they were okay but a little messier to make than my usual go-to muffin recipe. My husband thought they tasted bland. My daughter said they tasted like “sweet bread” and I can’t disagree. Maybe I would like them better if I made them with less sugar or if I kept the sugar and added fruit or chocolate chips.

basic ingredients = basic muffins

basic ingredients = basic muffins

You’ll notice from the picture that I messed up my bowls. I should have put the egg mixture in a larger bowl and used that to mix up the muffins. Since the recipe called for ½ – 1 cup sugar, I went in the middle for the test and used ¾ cup. I also used the vinegar and milk mixture for the buttermilk.

I made two sizes, standard and mini, and I used paper liners. The mini muffins baked in 10 minutes and the standard size took 15 minutes. The warm muffins stuck to the paper liners (gotta try them warm!) but that was less of an issue after the muffins cooled. I stored the muffins in a cake carrier and they stayed moist overnight.

The verdict: Even though this is not my new favorite muffin recipe, I’ll probably keep it around for variety. The ingredients are things I tend to have in my pantry, so it may prove helpful if I ever have unexpected company and need to extend a meal.

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Update: This recipe was shared at Wonderful Wednesday Blog Hop #140.

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