Better Life Challenges

Have you challenged yourself to make some changes?

Have you challenged yourself to make some changes?

Are you using the change of seasons as an incentive to change your life? Here are a couple of opportunities to work through life-changing challenges with online communities so you can tackle your finances or your housework with a different perspective and renewed energy.

The first challenge is “31 Days of Living Well & Spending Zero” at Living Well Spending Less. My personal month-long spending challenge was inspired this way, as were the recent No Spend Weekend Challenges here at A Chat Over Coffee. Taking a month off of spending is a tough commitment, but it’s an opportunity to break some bad habits, form some good ones, and really take stock of how you’re handling your money.

The second challenge is a “5-Day Homemaking Challenge” over at Money Saving Mom. If you need to clean and declutter then this is the challenge for you! If you want to do the 5-Day Homemaking Challenge you’ll want to click over to Money Saving Mom right away because it started this morning. You could always delay your assignments by a day if you want to wait to start after the Labor Day holiday.

My personal challenge this week will be to try some of the many recipes I have collected on my “Recipes I’d Like to Try” Pinterest board and hopefully move them to the “Recipes I’ve Tried and Liked” board. I’ll keep you posted on the results, but I’d love it if you’d follow me on Pinterest, Twitter, and Facebook, too!

Have a lovely Labor Day holiday!

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