Free Redbox Movie Code for Family Movie Night

Get a free movie from Redbox!

Get a free movie from Redbox!

If you’re looking for a cheap weekend activity, something family-friendly, how about a family movie night? Pull out the air pop popcorn popper left from your university days (or maybe that’s just me!), melt some butter, and dig out toppings like salt, parmesan cheese, and cinnamon-sugar. Gather the family and watch a family-friendly movie. Relax. Enjoy.

(Update: This offer has expired.) You can get free movies from the library all of the time, but right now you can also get one from Redbox! Click here to head over to Money Saving Mom to find out how to get a code for a free Redbox movie via text message. My text from Redbox says my code expires September 16, 2015.

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2 responses to “Free Redbox Movie Code for Family Movie Night

  1. I have seen the redbox outside the grocer, but have never tried. Do you have to put your credit card into the machine? They had another spot on the news about people using some kind of technology to steal your credit card into when swiped, like at gas pumps etc.

    My air popper is 30 years old. It was given to us as a wedding present and it still works. My middle daughter took it to school with her to use in the house she and her brother lived at. They have both graduated and I think she probably moved it with her…she just started a new job about 100 miles from us. So my husband just went back to making popcorn the old way (his family did not use electricity until he was 16) of popping it in the kettle with oil. It is very tasty that way.

    We might watch a movie tonight. I usually get them at the public library or our church library. The movies that are out in the theater seem a little too much for our tastes. We might watch HUGO again; we have that on DVD.


    • Yes, you will need a card to swipe at the Redbox kiosk, but if you use a free code you won’t be charged as long as you get the movie back on time.

      I like my old air popper for the convenience and low cost, but my favorite way to make popcorn is over a camp fire or in the fireplace with our camp fire popcorn popper. It’s so yummy but probably not as healthy due to the amount of oil needed.

      Enjoy your movie night! Watching old favorites together is such fun!


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