Inspirational Quote

One of the reasons taking a No Spend Weekend Challenge is so important is that it can show you areas where you’re spending for the wrong reasons. Taking a break from spending can also scare you into saving, because you realize you’d be in big trouble if you ever had to skip a paycheck.

I love this Will Rogers quote and had to reblog it when I saw it pop up over at How to $tuff Your Pig.Will Rogers quote

Have a fun, frugal Labor Day celebration!

4 responses to “Inspirational Quote

  1. $300 to do hair? Is that true? I have never spent anything on getting my hair done; it actually has never been cut, other than a few split ends by me. No dyes, no permanents, nothing. But I actually did not read the article as it looks like I have to go to another blog to read it.


    • Yes, the original is from another blog, and apparently there are people who pay big bucks for a hair cut. (I, however, am not one of them.) I enjoyed the article and the quote, so I shared it in case any of my readers might like or benefit from it. If not, that’s okay. There are plenty of other articles on other topics to choose from here.


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