An Update on Another Chance to Take the No Spend Weekend Challenge

What are you learning during your No Spend Weekend?

What are you learning during your No Spend Weekend?

In an effort to be “fair” while we’re doing the No Spend Weekend Challenge, I tried not to plan it too far ahead. I didn’t even look at the calendar when I decided to post the challenge this weekend. I kind of sprung it on my husband late yesterday, which only goes to show what a good sport he is. He just had to start a little late because of a work supper he couldn’t cancel. Then he reminded me of our weekend plans.

Family members had free tickets to an event and offered a while back to take us. Yay! Good times and good company!

The event is this weekend. Yay! Free fun on No Spend Weekend!

The event venue is located in an area that would necessitate paying for parking. WHOOPS!

Ok, this is what the challenge is all about. I learned from previous Challenges that keeping a little more cash around is good. If this had been an actual financial situation/bank holiday/busted ATM and not a Challenge we could have pulled a few dollars out of the proverbial coffee can and we would have no problem. But that kind of seemed like cheating on the No Spend Weekend Challenge.

Long story short, we set up a car pool. We are providing the car and gas and the others are providing the parking. I learned from prior Challenges to keep the tank at least half full and it paid off! Whew!

In other No Spend Weekend Challenge news, my daughter has a cross country meet at a school over an hour’s drive from here. (So honestly, the car was fully gassed up rather than half-full because I remembered the meet even though I forgot the other event.) We’ll leave at o’dark-early and should get home around mid-afternoon. Car picnic time! Looks like Jay and I get to be trendsetters again and tail gate another cross country meet! I have sandwich fixings and munchies in the fridge and pantry. It should be a fun day.

Tomorrow is worship day for many of us. It came up in the comments yesterday that I do not skip tithes and offerings as part of a No Spend Challenge and I don’t suggest that you skip them, either. We’re avoiding spending this weekend, not avoiding giving. The two things are very different! So please go ahead and be generous with your church or mission or charity.

I like to respect Sundays so I don’t plan to share an update on the blog tomorrow. I’ve scheduled what I hope will be some helpful posts on social media and will comment and tweet when I can. I’d love to have you like my Facebook page and follow me on Twitter and Pinterest. Being able to interact with you is what makes blogging fun!

How is your No Spend Weekend Challenge going?

I moderate comments manually but will get them posted as quickly as possible. Please keep your comments kind and if you must disagree please do so without being disagreeable. Rude or inappropriate comments will obviously not be published.

Update: Read the first post in the “Another Chance to Take the No Spend Weekend Challenge” here and the final post here.

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