Inspiration: Sermon Notes & Quotes

A little something to inspire you...

A little something to inspire you…

Jay preached on 1 Timothy 6:11-12 on Sunday. He’s continuing the “Minority Report” series about how Christians are a minority in our culture.

He mentioned that there are times when it’s okay, even advisable, to run away from something hard. By way of illustration, suppose you’re in a crowded place and you hear somebody scream. Then you see that person running past you, still screaming. Do you move toward whatever that person is fleeing or do you move away? Most of us would move away. We naturally take warning when others flee, and when we flee evil it serves as a warning to others.

However, when we flee, we need to be running not just away from something bad but also toward something good. In this passage in 1 Timothy, Paul encouraged Timothy to run toward faith.

Jay pointed out that faith is believing what God says is true and accepting that God will accomplish it. Faith doesn’t make excuses or fail when it meets a problem. Faith keeps believing.

Faith does not change what God says is right or wrong. It trusts even when the majority of the world calls His truth bigoted or says He is a myth. Faith chooses to believe and trust God.

Interestingly, we become that with which we surround ourselves. The Bible says so and science says so. Are we surrounding ourselves with evil or are we seeking to surround ourselves with righteousness, godliness, faith, love, endurance and gentleness?

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